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We are fans of insightful talks and enjoy valuable exchanges.

People like us are just looking to be inspired and to connect with like-minded individuals. We wish to receive actionable insights which we can test and learn ourselves.

Yet, most offline events are geared towards intense name card exchanges to acquire business. We want to have an experience worth the commute and is unique from what we can find online. So, instead of waiting for the right events to come along, we decided to host them ourselves. 


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Slashers! Content Market Your Hustle Like A Pro -



保良局生涯規劃及理財教育中心「創見未來」青年職涯計劃 -【內容行銷分享講座】

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Social Media Strategies for Entrepreneurs Virtual Summit - "Better, not more! Practical Content Marketing practice for Entrepreneurs who don't want to die over chasing shiny objects" 

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Each of our events sets out to make our attendees (and ourselves) feel less alone.

We wish to foster conversations between those who share similar experiences and struggles. And we believe that is how slashers, entrepreneurs, and even small business owners rejuvenate from their hectic work mode. 

We want to thank the following parties for supporting us on this journey. 

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Looking for an industry expert to add value at your upcoming event? Joyce is experienced at giving keynote presentations, workshops, and more to highschoolers and adults!