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Running a business is hard


Free up time by acquiring leads with content.

Here's how I can help

You shouldn't be doing everything

I'm an entrepreneur myself, and the goal I want to achieve is to work on my business, not in it.
But you know how hard that is.
While trying to acquire leads, seal sales, manage finance, and cater to admin, there's also that big chunk of marketing you need to do.
Indeed, many entrepreneurs revert to word-of-mouth to free themselves from marketing. But sooner or later, it'll bite you back. 
Your referrals will run out, things will change, and ads are above your budget, leaving you with very few options. That's when you'll regret not starting with content marketing first.

Yes, it is a lot of work. It takes time. Effects don't come in as immediate as an outreach call.
But what you put in, it will spit out at an exponential rate over time.

Why waste your hourly rate on something another person can do better?
The time you spend figuring out a post is time you could've spent closing a lead. A lack of delegation will only result in a low return on investment.

Instead, prep yourself and your business by understanding content marketing so you can build a strong foundation with an expert like me.

Now is the time to invest to cut costs, produce results, and save more time for the future. 

Be educated

Whether you decide to uptake content marketing yourself or hire someone in the future, you need to understand the mechanics behind it to make the right decisions and judgments for the company yourself.

See immediate results

I understand that it is important for you to see market reactions as quickly as possible. Though content marketing is a long-term strategy, there is still a way for you to quickly test your content and see results in just a month. 

Outsource executions

Given that you have established cohesive branding and a content strategy, now it's the time to delegate daily executions to someone else, so all you need to do is approve for things to happen. 

Wall of ideas

Stop, measure, and then take action

All businesses should know what their version of success looks like and how to measure it. The problem with many entrepreneurs is they dive straight into doing before ever thinking about assessing. 

What I can guarantee is if you don't start by understanding content marketing first, you'll soon find yourself wasting a lot of time and effort doing useless, extra work.

It's like building a house with no foundations. The house can look pretty, but it will not withstand the weather. Worse yet, the whole thing might collapse, and you'll have to start all over again. 

Starting with content marketing is laying the groundwork for your business. Content marketing is the last form of marketing left. Every single company out there is creating content. If it's not worth the while, why is everybody doing it?

Work smart, save time

I grew Joyce Tsang Content Marketing into Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Limited in just 15 months. I did not have clients waiting to refer me to other clients. It purely started with content. 


To this day, I enjoy quality leads coming in automatically without the aid of any ads. I know what content performs the best, and I continue to pump them out at ease. I delegate my own admin and finance task to those with the expertise, so I can focus on doing what I do best. By putting in the hard work since day one, I now get to focus on building my business while other companies struggle to acquire clients.