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Learn to not make the mistakes you can prevent.

Here's how I help

Don't hold yourself back just because you don't know where you can go

Whether you're a 9-5 finding a way to become financially stable without having a full-time job, a freelancer struggling to acquire more clients, or an entrepreneur who has hit a plateau, I'm here to tell you there is something you can do to change it.


3-month growth plan

A daily, weekly, and monthly checklist for you to follow through and build yourself into a freelancer/ entrepreneur/ industry thought leader.


6-12 month retainer program

A comprehensive program where I help build your brand bottom-up with tailored strategies, organic content, and paid efforts.

Small business owners

Audit and competitor analysis

I deep dive into your's or your competitor's online channels and help you identify problems, solutions, and actionable learnings for growing.

Time to tackle your pain points

Lack of manpower and time

Require strategic level help to maintain consistent and effective marketing efforts

Know what data to measure to indicate marketing success 

Stop struggling with:

  • Time management
    Follow my plan and remove unnecessary tasks

  • Setting priorities​
    Skip unnecessary test-and-learn with my plan​

  • Identifying your path
    Delegate your tasks to me, ask me questions, and let me guide you on what to do​

  • Growing
    My services are here to eliminate unnecessary work so we can focus on effective actions together​

  • Lack of expertise
    You don't have to know everything to do everything well. You can just consult with someone like me​

  • Ill performances
    I can help you identify the reasons so you can make better judgements​

Wooden Steps

The last thing you want is to do what everyone else is doing.

Only beginners are interested in hacks and tricks. Intermediates are starting to think about strategy. But masters? They know everything is just a tool, and the most valuable thing is skills and concepts. Start teaching yourself how to think for yourself with me by your side.​

Working in Office

Don't let yourself be stuck in everyday executions

With my review and growth services, you should start to feel more comfortable because you know what to expect. 

You'll start seeing organic growth without doing the stuff you're doing now for the sake of doing it. 

You'll start to understand how other people did it, know what questions to ask, what metrics to measure, and how to justify your efforts. 

Why should you trust me?

Let's hear it from those who I have mentored.


Priscilla Ng

"Joyce was the very first editor that I worked with. I was writing feature articles for her website and loved every moment of it because of how freely I could express my ideas and vision in curating articles; from contacting artists who I personally followed and loved, to planning interviews, and to creating the write-up and layout of the article, Joyce provided me with an immense amount of artistic liberty and space to develop my creative vision. I felt that she was able to give me timely advice and constructive criticism, but also trusted and saw me as a content creator. 


As a result, I was able to submit a feature article I wrote to the South China Morning Post summer internship program, and was accepted as a summer editorial intern. My experience working with Joyce had also indirectly landed me my current job at an international risk investigations firm, as I was asked to talk extensively about my passion for writing which I had honed there, and how I took ownership of my ideas and the articles I had written. 


Working with Joyce, I had learned the importance of establishing a personal creative portfolio, in order to build my brand and standing as a content creator. I owe my gratitude to her and how well she managed me as a remote freelance writer based in Vancouver at the time through effective communication and a highly regularized posting schedule."

Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 2.19.23 PM.png

Miko Yam

"I first started working with Joyce by helping her out on an Adidas neo Facebook campaign. I had no similar prior experience at all; I only started because I like to write. But Joyce took me onboard anyways and taught me how to create good content.


Everything went on very smoothly, and as I was working with Joyce, I realized that writing skills were not everything. You also need to have a strong marketing concept, understand your target audience’s desire and needs, identify the product’s unique selling points, and create based on that. Besides, you also need to be able to communicate with other production teammates effectively. Particularly with social media, where there can be very high share and view rates, it can be very damaging if what you posted isn’t what your audiences enjoy reading.


I started working at HK01 after I graduated and successfully became an editor. The things I have learned from Joyce became very important. I learned how to attract audiences without being a hard sell and be more creative in the way I wrote. Joyce is a very detail-oriented person, and she has taught me how to tackle product copies with relevant themes and topics. She has heavily influenced me on the importance of proofreading as well! "


Pete Wanlang

"Joyce is an excellent and incredible mentor who can make complicated things sound so simple and easy to understand.


I did not know anything at all about social media marketing when I first started, but with her help, I could quickly grasp the basic knowledge of how to do social media marketing. And within a short period of time learning from her, I gained enough knowledge to become a freelance social media marketer and make some income.


I highly recommend anyone who has a passion for social media marketing and wants to understand that universe thoroughly to learn it from this amazing teacher!"


Clare Tang

"Joyce is a great communicator and an amazing mentor to work with. She truly understands the needs of the clients and has extraordinary intuition in strategising content marketing.  Prior development, she provides valuable pointers and unique framework for us to work with, while allowing us to be original and creative.  I am also very grateful to her detailed and constructive feedback for all of the pieces that I have developed. She has given me a safe space to make mistakes, but more importantly a lot of tools and drives for me to understand and improve my work every single time.

I am personally inspired by her knowledge and her passion in this profession and I am very happy that I get the opportunities working with her. I look forward to many more collaborations with Joyce, it is certainly my honour to share her passion in content marketing!"

I've been there

I've been a 9-5 for 8 years, and I didn't just quit my job hoping something good would happen. I worked hard for it.

Now that I run my own business, I can tell you that having a strategy, doing periodic reviews, and striving for growth made all the difference.

Would you rather make many unnecessary mistakes or have a framework so that the journey becomes a fruitful learning process that takes you closer to your goal?

None of us need to listen to another 8-figure earning "guru". All of us just want to invest in something that works, with an individual who is not trying to reach into our wallets with broken promises. So stop wasting time trying to figure this out on your own when you can work with someone who's been there already.


Imagine the new doors these new learnings can open for you. 

People can learn how to buy ads on Youtube and create 100 posts by filling in missing words in content templates, but how many people truly know how to run and grow a successful business online?

Each of my review & growth services includes consultation sessions, so you can have all your marketing questions answered on spot.


Looking for a boost?

Already have your things in check and are looking for someone to help execute some ads? 

Tell me what your objective is and see if I can help.