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Why should I learn how to write my posts instead of buying or downloading free content templates?

No downloadable templates will ever be tailor-made for you. They are generic points of interest that will not teach you how to spot real content patterns. They make the content creation process mindless, which means you are not learning anything that allows you to scale your content. Equipping yourself to write your content is always going to be the most effective and efficient. It's like buying a fish instead of a fishing rod. Unless you can catch a fish yourself, you're stuck spending money on fish every month. The lack of control is never good for a business. 


Why shouldn’t I just learn from Youtube videos and downloadable from coaches online?

Because if it works, you would already be a successful freelancer or entrepreneur. The information they give you will never be tailored to you, and watching a video or reading a downloadable is passive learning. You won't get your problem fixed until you have someone there to provide actual one-on-one guidance. Plus, it is much quicker and easier to work with someone who is clear, tactical, articulate, comprehensive, interactive, and most importantly, relevant. 


Is content marketing mostly copywriting and what is a content strategy? 

No. Copywriting is the complete opposite of content marketing by nature. Copywriting is writing the text to advertise a product, hoping to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. Content marketing not only does that, but its goal is to attract instead of disrupting. Copywriting, therefore, is an outbound marketing strategy, while content marketing is an inbound marketing strategy. A content strategy is all about how to create such content.


Why is content marketing so important?

Content marketing is important because people value authenticity more than ever. The regular sales message or advertisement is no longer cutting through the noise. Everyone is online, creating countless pieces of content every day. For any business to be noticed, it must learn to cut through the noise. Here are more reasons why content marketing is so important now. 


How does content marketing help my business and connect myself with other businesses?

Content marketing is not just a B2C marketing strategy. It is also a B2B or a P2P (people to people) strategy. By creating the right pieces of content, addressing the right target audience, conveying the right message at the respective contextual moment, a business can attract both down funnel and top funnel leads. Content marketing allows the business to cover the whole customer journey, from awareness to education to research to purchase. Hence, there are many touch points for other businesses to notice and to trust you, even those who are from completely different industries. 


Do you have any free materials to get me started on content marketing first?

Yes. I have a free downloadable report on The Ultimate 5-point Report to Create, Evaluate & Improve your Content Marketing; a free downloadable ebook on 5 Simple Yet Powerful Techniques You Can Use To Start Your Own Business And Acquire Your First Client With Content Marketing, and a frequently updated blog section providing content tips. On top of that, I also provide a free 30-minute diagnosis session for any entrepreneurs who have questions on content marketing. 


Who would benefit from Joyce's services?

My services are for anyone who wants an option in life. My clients are people who feel like they have not reached their full potential. They are people who wonder why others have made it online. They are people who are sick and tired of seeing the so-called "guru" tips and tricks, and they come to me for authenticity. They are interested in the process of digital marketing and value the knowledge. My clients are excited to learn why some content works and others don't. They learn to look at social media feeds differently and become confident after working with me. 


Can Joyce help with public relations/ media outreach/ influencer management/ SEM/ website development?

No. But I have people in my network to who I can delegate the task. You can also visit my Entrepreneur Log, where I share stories about my trusted partners and clients.


Can Joyce guarantee sales?

No. You must understand that sales are an outcome, not a goal. No marketing can ever guarantee sales. But what I can do is guarantee the number of leads based on available qualitative and quantitative metrics. By creating good content, distributed via organic and paid methods, I can help a brand calculate the percentage of the target audience who will travel down the funnel. With such understanding, I can figure out the marketing budget a brand needs to meet its KPI.