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The Entrepreneur Log #10 - January 2022 Review

Updated: May 31, 2023

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing January 2022 review
The Entrepreneur Log #10 - January 2022 Review

After intense thinking and planning for Joyce Tsang Content Marketing in December 2021, January 2022 was all about setting things up to achieve my goals. I suspect that is why I felt the most disorganized this past month. I was going through system changes, data transfers, and adapting to a new way of work, on top of catering to new incoming leads and clients who are looking to renew or finish their retainer programs with me.

I would be lying if I did not feel slightly disappointed at those who do not trust the content marketing process, thought it was too much work, and based content marketing efforts on immediate sales. Yet, I also have a clearer understanding that many people have never experienced the merits that good content brings. It would be difficult for them to step into my shoe and believe in the process as much as I do.


1. Launching new web pages

Instead of feeling defeated, I got to work. I built new landing pages on my website to prepare people better for the concept. These landing pages included Content Marketing Events, For Slashers, and Real Talk (Update - Feb 2023 - This page has been merged and now renamed as "Why Content Marketing Works".)

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing new landing pages
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing new landing pages

While many agencies shy away from presenting the blunt truth of marketing to their clients, I opted for full transparency. Yes, I may acquire more clients by being less honest in my portrayal, but I am not someone who thrives on false hope. Content Marketing is a lot of work, and it will remain so even if someone like myself is on your team. It's nothing like running an ad or creating a one-off campaign. It requires strategic planning and consistent executions. Unless my clients understand, I would only be earning a bit of profit yet wasting everyone's time.

2. Hosting our first event

From assessing my performance in 2021 last month, I saw that I was doing a fantastic job attracting entrepreneurs and small business owners. Yet, the people who will benefit the most from content marketing haven't even started their business yet. They are those who are considering the option of starting their own side business. They are those who work for themselves and are passionate about their craft. This pool of people is those who associate themselves as a slasher or a freelancer. They are never the main target for marketing service providers because they are regarded as too small. But I see them as highly important because I was one of them myself. I know I would have saved a lot of time and made a lot fewer mistakes if I had access to resources back then. That is why I want to focus on helping these individuals this year, kickstarting with our first ever workshop for them on February 25, 2022.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing first workshop - Slashers! Content Market Your Hustle Like A Pro - 內容秘技!斜槓疫市求生術
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing first workshop - Slashers! Content Market Your Hustle Like A Pro - 內容秘技!斜槓疫市求生術

Karen from theDesk has reached out about a year ago about their revenue-sharing model. I was not ready to host an event then, but this year, I am able to put something together with my team. And upon asking, Karen told me she reached out because she saw my organic content. That is yet another real-life example of how good content creation can open countless doors for solopreneurs like myself.

I am excited to connect with like-minded individuals offline and share my own slasher experience with them. In the workshop, I will be hosting a 45-minute slasher and freelancer dedicated talk on how content marketing can help them establish their brand and attract leads in the highly competitive digital market. There will also be a free-flow mingling session afterward where attendees get to connect with each other and ask me any questions they have on the spot.

3. Delivered the first digital marketing strategy for a client

In January, I have also produced one of my very first digital marketing strategies for a dear client. The document is very dense, and I was worried about how the client would respond. To my surprise, they told me the document actually cleared a lot of their doubts and confusion, and they felt much more confident after seeing it. They appreciated my input and said they enjoyed the learning process a lot. That was one of the very best responses I have ever received, and I was quite proud. They have reminded me why I have started this business. All I ever wanted is to educate people on the potentials of content, social media, and digital marketing. So having people see value in my work is beyond words.

Every experience mentioned reinforces that content marketing does not work in a vacuum. One cannot just post content and expect businesses to flood in. They must also build connections with their content, engage in conversations, and invest in others by providing free value. So when I get tagged in stories like the ones above, I know my efforts are justified. Vanity metrics are not indicative. Quality, authentic, and personal engagements are the real gold. Thank you once again to my entrusted partner, Finesse Lifestyles, for showing support all the time.

Now that I have the tools and operational systems in place, all that is left is to do the work. I have my whole 2022 plan in place, and I have listed specific goals to attain for every quarter. Compared to 2020 and the beginning of 2021 (when I was somewhat winging my operations as I progressed along), the work I need to do is much more. But I trust in the process, and I know that consistent and quality work will get me closer to my goals. Hopefully, I'll get to see you in my upcoming workshop, or we'll connect through email or zoom this year.

- Joyce

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