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The Entrepreneur Log #25 - April 2023 - Nurturing Leads With Content

Updated: May 31, 2023

The Entrepreneur Log #25 - April 2023 - Nurturing Leads With Content
The Entrepreneur Log #25 - April 2023 - Nurturing Leads With Content

The start of Q2 brought a new vibe, and I could sense a change in the air.

As I struggled in 2022, I felt like I was alone, and everyone else seemed to be moving along just fine. However, when I met people face-to-face this year, I learned that many had experienced the same challenges as me. They even said, "it's normal! Don't let it affect your work. 2022 was tough on everybody (in Hong Kong)."

As face masks are lifted, borders are reopened, and tourists are returning, it feels like new opportunities are just around the corner. I suppose the hard times were necessary for preparing and waiting, just like hibernation.

Though I have learned not to have my hopes too high, I saw my content successfully fulfilling mid-funnel goals in April, which is the stage of nurturing.


1) Exchanging Practitioner Insights - Exploring the Benefits of Podcast Interviews

The Entrepreneur Log #25 - April 2023 - Exchanging practitioner insights
The Entrepreneur Log #25 - April 2023 - Exchanging practitioner insights

I find it essential not only to stay in touch with my local community of leads and clients but also with the global arena of marketers. However, this connection can be challenging to maintain when working at a full-time job. You are often stuck drilling at your daily tasks or attending events to receive awards on behalf of the company, leaving you working inside your bubble unless you make an effort to connect with others after work.

As a solopreneur, this is a critical aspect of my job. Since I have no coworkers and no designated office, it's crucial to keep myself up-to-date to remain competitive and establish my own edge in the market.

Being able to participate in an interview session with Jess Bahr, a fellow marketer all the way in the US, was very valuable. Despite not knowing each other at all, we spoke the same marketing language. The conversation not only made a great podcast episode, (it also automatically streams our interview video once you click play on Spotify, how cool is that?), it helped us both see things from a different perspective.

Questions like "What have you tried doing?", "What tools do you use?", and "What do you think about this?" enabled us to realize our similarities and learn from each other in just a 30-minute conversation. Offering practical insights made the piece of content a much stronger nurturing piece, as it is no longer talking about 101 basics anyone can scrap from the internet. The personal opinions and ways of working we shared can truly help those interested in trying and deploying.

Whether you are in the marketing industry, running your own business, or simply interested in our perspective on content creation, AI, and tools we use, I highly recommend checking out the episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

2) Introducing New Ideas - The Power of Storytelling

The Entrepreneur Log #25 - April 2023 - introducing new ideas
The Entrepreneur Log #25 - April 2023 - introducing new ideas

Many people ask me if I serve a particular vertical or industry, and my answer is no.

Although it may sound like it goes against every marketing book out there (you should target a niche and speak only to x people), in my case, it would be a limitation. That's because my "niche" consists of those with an entrepreneurial mindset - people who ask why. And those who ask why can be found anywhere, including in the field of wellness and mental health.

I was privileged to be invited as a speaker for a tight-knit group of mental health professionals, including therapists, consultants, academics, and more. During the mixer, we discussed everything from what content marketing is to the pros and cons of personal branding. What was interesting was that they had very different questions about the topic but showed very similar behavior to my target audience.

  • They understood that personal branding is important but didn't know how to tell their story effectively;

  • They knew they should be on LinkedIn but felt overwhelmed by the information;

  • They also wanted to understand more about content marketing and why it's an option for them to consider.

The mixer isn't meant to persuade anyone to buy or raise awareness specifically. Instead, they gravitated toward this information and are already aware of the topic. They are simply seeking for better ways to understand it. That's why practical tips and educational content delivered through storytelling are such great formats for crafting nurturing content. Sitting there physically, conversing, and answering questions one-on-one is one of the best ways!

3) Helping Others Grow - Reflections on Meeting a Long-Time Lead

The Entrepreneur Log #25 - April 2023 - helping others grow
The Entrepreneur Log #25 - April 2023 - helping others grow

This was the highlight of my month. I had the opportunity to meet up with a lead I attracted during the first year of starting my business. Unfortunately, timing was never right, the market was harsh, and she never became my client.

However, she stayed engaged. She read my EDMs, checked out my blogs, and followed me on social media. Two years later, as business is picking up again, I was the first person she thought of. Meeting her for the first time felt special. It was like I was meeting an old friend, although all I ever knew about her was a name on my CRM list.

She gave me a lot of motivation by sharing her own entrepreneurial story and making me feel less discouraged about some of the things that have happened. "If people have clicked your emails, they will find you," she said. Creating content every day is tiring, and seeing low numbers can make you doubt yourself. But her response is literally the reason why I remain confident in putting my head down and doing what I do.

Additionally, I have remained active on specific Slack channels. Being trusted as a reliable perspective by a stranger still makes me feel like what I'm doing is well worth it all. I was delighted to help Popoola with his portfolio. It's interesting to see how much resemblance there is to when I was still fresh to the market. If you're a new marketing executive or someone looking to apply for marketing jobs, feel free to reach out! I'll be more than happy to give you some comments on your CV or portfolio

4) Reaching more people with content - My April Content Win

The Entrepreneur Log #25 - April 2023 - my content win
The Entrepreneur Log #25 - April 2023 - my content win

April also brought me a proud moment. It was my first time breaking 500 likes on a post, let alone now reaching almost 750. Of course, vanity metrics don't mean a lot, but it's still nice to feel appreciated by the community and the algorithm. I have to admit that Instagram has been switching things up a bit to have my reel blowing up. It didn't gain traction until three days after it was posted, but all in all, it was a nice little achievement.

I have also been playing around with short-form videos more this month. They have really helped me push my views up on YouTube. However, I am facing the fact that producing all this content takes up too much of my time. Alongside working with client work, there's no way I can fulfill my current content calendar, which looks insane.

Therefore, I see a lot of potential in extending my reach by doing more podcast interviews. Interviewers now are great at repurposing and maximizing their content. Jess Bahr's team repurposed our interview into five shorts for me to use, and another interviewer said he could help me produce a week's worth of short-form videos from our podcast interview. These types of content not only relieve me from work but are also superb awareness and interest stage content as they are informative, entertaining, and point towards a longer-form content that helps drive audiences down the funnel.

If your podcast/show is also looking to interview more people and produce more content, pop me a message via my chatbot on the bottom right! I would love to speak to you and share my insights with your audience.

- Joyce


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