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Why is Content Marketing important?

"The marketing landscape has shifted dramatically over the last six months. The ongoing pandemic coupled with a struggling economy has only accelerated those changes. Anytime there is a swift change in consumer behavior, marketers must adapt and pivot.

The challenge is that most of you reading this have not pivoted. 

A foundation that makes up your marketing strategy both online and offline should have a simple goal: to ensure your business stands the test of time. Not too long ago, all you needed from a marketing standpoint was a website and Facebook page. If you were a contractor, you may have exhibited at a tradeshow/expo booth once or twice a year, and your calendar would get booked out. For others, referrals and word of mouth drove 100% of their business.

Those days have long passed by. Consumers and businesses alike have a vast number of options for how to spend their money and where they invest their time. This means that marketers have to work harder than ever before to reach the people they need to contact.

Your marketing strategy is the foundation; and in working with thousands of businesses, I have found that most don't have the foundational elements." - Michael Tasne, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific

Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.

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I'm not saying that to sound harsh or ironic, but it takes a lot of work. And that's from both sides. We can only achieve success together if we're on the same page.

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It takes time.

While I'm building your brand for you, you are growing mine's too. The success of your content (to be measured by objectives set out in the beginning, not by mere vanity metrics) is the reason why I started this business in the first place - to prove that content marketing works. But expectations need to be clear for them to be met. 

If you have browsed through my content, you should already know that the goal of content marketing (or any kind of marketing) is not to drive sales.

Content marketing, in particular, is a process that adds value to your target audiences through strategic content creation and content distribution so high-quality leads can be acquired at a lower cost. And content that does not attempt to sell at all is the one that works best.

Unless you see the value in such creation, would you appreciate content marketing, and unless you understand that, would my work be worth the while.

It takes input.

Even if I'm the best content creator alive, I can only create based on the information you provide. Of course, I can do research to wrap the idea up accordingly, but unique content is based on insightful copy points that come straight from the client. The best content is based on authentic journeys, behind-the-scenes happenings, achievements, points of view, and more. 

Many people dive into content marketing without realizing that. They let things slide when they are busy or when they feel like they have nothing to say. Then, they realize they don't really want to showcase their authentic self at all.

Content Marketing requires planning ahead. It needs to be supported by a library of thoughts to fuel ongoing creation. Without it, consistency can never be achieved. Worse yet, it can damage your platform's organic performance. 


It does not work in a vacuum.

Copywriting is about creating a sales copy to persuade someone to take a particular action. Once the action has taken place, the attention will immediately cease. It is an outbound method geared towards bottom-funnel leads. Simply put, it can work independently and away from other brand content. (Think of buying something for its promotion, but not for its brand. If it weren't for the promotion, you most likely would not have considered the product)

However, content creation in content marketing is about building trust and interest. That means it is driving for overall brand awareness. It is an inbound method focused on attracting leads throughout the funnel. Audiences will judge the brand based on the quality of all content across different channels. It will affect their level of trust as they are interested in the whole brand rather than just one offering. (Think of buying something from a brand because it is your favorite brand. It doesn't take a promotion to get you interested in their product)

That is why the prior cannot help a brand build its foundation, and the latter consists of so much work.

So, why Content Marketing?

There's a reason why people call content marketing the only kind of marketing left.

Precisely because it is hard work!

  • How many of your competitors' bulk of the content is for the good of the customer, rather than bragging about themselves?

  • How many businesses with small ad budgets are getting seen online?

  • How many companies are able to attract leads organically just with content? 

By putting your heart into content marketing, your brand instantly differentiates itself from others. And that is what customers are looking for nowadays. No one is looking for another ad nor another page filled with promotions and call-to-actions. People gravitate toward brands that are authentic and produce content that resonates with them. 

Content Marketing is all about making people want to hear from you and want to talk about you.

Here's a video that does an amazing job explaining what that means:

Content Marketing is like working out.

I'm not denying that there are people born with a perfect physique. But most of us need to work out to attain our dream body. And it doesn't happen by lifting one day or training for a week. It takes continuous effort. 

Like content marketing, success does not come from a handful of posts or executing strategically for a month. Social media accounts need to be frequently updated, websites need to be optimized, and content needs to be adapted and reviewed. 

Your leads aren't your stalkers

Many business owners seem somehow believe their leads will naturally see every post on their feed, track them down on search, and come to them as long as they exist. 


This is the worst mentality to have. You should always assume that your leads are complete strangers, who are yet aware of not just you, but the problem that you solve in their life. As a brand, you need to make a large effort to connect with these people. That does not happen by "owning" more accounts online. It only happens with creating the right content and then distributing them properly on selected platforms online. 

The benefits of Content Marketing

My first client came from Linkedin. 

  • Most of my leads reach out because of the organic content I continually create.

  • I have not and will never do an advertisement to tell people to use my service - because it will never work better than what I have now.

  • I don't need to worry if my ad budget runs out because I know I have a foundation to rely on.

  • I can justify my efforts because it keeps driving my results. 

So if I can attain this myself, I can help you too. As long as you believe in content marketing as I do. 


Honest words from a Content Marketer

Apart from being highly passionate about content marketing, I am also highly transparent. I could easily reach into your wallet by hard selling you on how amazing content marketing is without mentioning any of the hard work involved. 

But what good would that bring me apart from some short-term profit?

My goal is to educate entrepreneurs on the merits of content marketing by providing valuable knowledge so everyone can judge for themselves. 

Whether or not you choose to opt for content marketing, that is fine! But I do not want anyone to dismiss or reject the idea because they don't quite understand how it works and what it entails.

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