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The value in working with me.

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I might not be the first,
but I'm definitely qualified to be your last

I'm probably not the first "marketing agency" website you've landed on, but I'm definitely the first to greet you with an actual face you can remember. 

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who has provided so much content for you to read before you even thinking about working with someone like me. 


Not to mention, I am one of the very few who truly dedicates themselves to the expertise of content marketing in Hong Kong. 

Why Joyce?

I've been doing some research on my own, and I'm not attracted by what I've seen. 

The way agencies present themselves online is pretty much the same - an in-your-face showcase of client case studies in a boring corporate style, with stale copies that only braces you for transactional relationships, and company announcements that will never be personally relevant to you. 

If that's the kind of content marketing they do for themselves, what do you expect they can do for you?

I strive to provide something different. I'm not out here just looking to get paid. My goal is to educate you on the benefits of content marketing with my work.

Hard at Work

You're the perfect client for me if you believe you can achieve more for your business and/ or in life, but you simply don't know how to start.

✔️ You want to learn

✔️ You want to know

✔️ You want to grow

✔️ You want to excel

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing is not for you if...

  • All you want to do are ads

  • All you want is someone to write your posts for you

  • You are fixed on short term gains rather than long term growth

  • You think FB ads are the solution to your problem

  • You do not care about data and is not a fan of frameworks

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Our onboarding process


All clients will engage with Joyce herself via a free 30-minute diagnosis session. She will ask a series of questions to learn about the company's wants and needs. She will then suggest the best next step. 


Joyce will craft the content strategy accordingly and go through it with the client. 


Depending on the execution, Joyce may create the content herself or delegate it to her team of freelance content creators. Each content creator will create content based on the aligned strategy to ensure efficiency and deliver quality according to expectations.

Our way of work

We don't believe in reinventing the wheel. We believe in learning from strategic processes, so brand-specific insights can be gathered, analyzed, and accumulated, to direct consistent performance, growth, and introduce scalability.



No matter how big or small the project is, we always start off with a content strategy

Stripe and Spheres


We create relevant content based on the strategy and we test them accordingly, either purely organic or as a basic paid campaign.



At the end of the project or end of every month, we produce a monthly report to analyze the data, spot content patterns, measure objectives, and justify content efforts.



Each report indicates what needs to be improved or changed next month, deriving actionable insights for a continuous and effective content creation process.

Typical Timeline

Month 1

Establish content strategy,  create and test organic content

Month 2 - 3

Gather content learnings and create basic ad campaign

Month 4 - 5

Refine both organic and paid content to establish the brand's benchmark for all content

Month 6

All content has achieved its respective metric and is ready to be implemented in a structured content funnel

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"Just because you can, 
doesn't mean you should."

- Andy Lambert, Director of Growth, ContentCal

You might question why you can't just go straight into content creation. You don't see why it is "wrong" to talk about your products first. Or, another marketer has been telling you they can achieve your business goals with a promotion. But, without a better way to put it, that's simply not the right way to tackle marketing at all.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing does not believe that executions without a proper diagnosis and a strategy will ever succeed in attaining business goals. 

Don't have the budget for a full content strategy yet?

Though we would highly recommend all businesses to start by having a content strategy in place, that does not mean we can't be flexible too. To cater to my fellow entrepreneurs, there are options to move things around. 

Clueless as to what you should look for in a marketer like me?

There are so many content, digital, and social media marketers out there, and frankly, I’ve worked with people who claim themselves as good inbound marketers but just knows the very basic, if not less.

Here are some key indicators you need in a good inbound marketer, so that you know what to ask for, and what to expect.

Have other questions?

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