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Joyce Tsang the passionate content marketer


Turn your story into scalable, high quality content

Like you, I've spent years discovering my own strengths. But content was what helped me gain clarity. Your content should never feel useless or like a waste of time, effort, and money. It should empower you with control, predictability, and continuous improvement.

Joyce Tsang is...

  • Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, and can write in both Traditional Chinese and English.

  • A content marketer who was previously a reporter and editor in the media industry; a social media manager and head of social media in-house; and a content director at an advertising agency. 

  • A one-woman band that manages a network of freelancers through a teamlancing model.

  • A real educator. Joyce was also a part-time lecturer for the Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Brand Management at HKU Space.

  • A storyteller with an edge at making educational content interesting.

  • An enthusiastic, proactive, and a go-getter slasher!

  • ​​A helpful, clear, tactical, articulate, comprehensive, interactive, relevant, and super organized mentor.

  • A BA Visual Art graduate from the University of British Columbia.


I will identify all potential opportunities and problems, from strategy down to execution, and answer any questions you may have in an easily digestible manner. This way, you'll always have a complete picture to make informed judgments on your own.


With a decade of experience in managerial roles within the industry, I'm confident that I can bring fresh ideas to the table and provide you with valuable, actionable insights. I prioritize efficiency and won't waste your time with anything that isn't worthwhile.


I have a genuine passion for content marketing, which fuels my work, communication, and ideas with uniqueness, connection, and impeccable consistency. You can count on me to stay up-to-date with the latest news and algorithmic changes in the field.


Joyce Tsang Content Marketing operates on a teamlancing model, ensuring speedy delivery of all content, including posts, pitches, and strategies.

How I help

There are millions of "content gurus" out there who promise to create good content and paid ads for you, but that's not always the real solution, and you know it too. The last thing you want is more content without justification. That's where I come in.

  • I can help you create a content marketing strategy that takes you into the future.

  • You'll see your content come to life with storytelling and experience its full potential with a content strategy.

  • You can use your content to raise brand awareness, differentiate from competitors, and drive quality leads.

What others have said about Joyce

Both Julian, Bass, HK marketing team, and myself very much enjoyed meeting you over the last couple of weeks. We think you showed great creativity in thinking about expanding Zenyum, and we liked your aggressive but realistic perspective on the goals that you would set yourself when running the team. When meeting you in person I liked your humble but nevertheless hustling attitude, and we think you’d be a great addition to the team we have assembled so far.

Steven Wu, 
Managing Director at Zenyum

Joyce Tsang the Content Marketer Full Body Photo

Joyce is a reliable, professional partner to work with. From taking the brief to evaluating work, she doesn’t stop challenging herself to refine strategies and deliver better work. Her hunger for knowledge and quality keeps her improving and thinking out-of-the-box. At the same time, she is also inspiring others who collaborate with her. I truly enjoyed working with Joyce and would certainly recommend her services. (Not limited to content strategy, but even to the rest of marketing, as she is indeed a driver for growth!)

Human Lam,
Client Director at ForwardPMX

Entrepreneur's Guide to Lead Generation: How Content Marketing Can Help You Succeed
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing

Entrepreneur's Guide to Lead Generation: How Content Marketing Can Help You Succeed

Joyce Tsang Content Marketer as a Slasher, dancer with Twins

Who is Joyce Tsang outside her Content Marketing profession?

I was a dancer for over a decade, working as a part-time dance instructor and a project-based commercial dancer throughout university and after graduation. 

I love to write, so I naturally became a reporter and later an editor as my full-time job. 

While juggling the two, I felt like I had nowhere to express my knowledge and passion for visual art. So I started an art and culture magazine on the side, created youtube content on nail art, and started providing hairstyling services to other dancers upon request. 

I achieved various milestones for each title and was recognized as a writer/ dancer/ art enthusiast before I reached my 30s.