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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Consultations

Get answers on the spot


"Relying on experts for professional advice can seem foreign for many aspiring entrepreneurs. This kind of thinking is a big mistake. Often, you can’t afford not to have the help and guidance they can provide. You don’t need to hire them on as staff. You could just consult with these professionals when you need them."  

- Dr. Brad Klontz, financial psychologist for CNBC

Consulting a Content Marketing Specialist

Are you struggling to strengthen your brand awareness? Are you confused about what your target market and target audiences want? Or are you not seeing results from your current marketing activities?

With my expertise in content, digital, and social media, schedule your session on the right at HKD $1,200 per hour.

In the call, we can go through anything in relations to content marketing and entrepreneurship, including your current business struggles, branding/ personal branding inquiries, self-discovery guidance, content consumption and marketing inquiries. 

What should I expect from Joyce as a Content Marketing Consultant?

As an end-to-end content marketer, I am capable of answering any of the following questions on the spot:


  • Content marketing potentials for B2B businesses

  • Website optimization for search-engine purposes

  • Strategy for using influencers and implementing influencer marketing

  • How to optimize your current content marketing strategy

  • Content funnel implementation and nurturing leads

  • Brand messaging and content storytelling

  • Everything about organic social media marketing

  • Growing your subscribers list with email marketing

  • Planning, monitoring, and analysing marketing campaigns

  • Discovering your niche, identifying your target audiences, and attracting your potential customers

  • Optimise and upskill your marketing team

  • Reading into and improving your conversion rates

  • Marketing automations and martech suggestions

  • Inquiries and questions on landing pages

  • Product and service-specific inquiries

  • Hong Kong consumer behaviour

  • Marketing in the new normal (post-pandemic)

The following, however, are not my expertise:


  • Pay-per-click (PPC), retargeting, and any kind of traditional marketing-style advertisements

  • Lead generation and demand generation

  • Technical SEO (search engine optimization), schema, and website development

  • Specific martech assistance (Hubspot, Semrush, CRM, webinar etc. Please find the list of tools I do use here)

  • Sales funnel and sales-related inquiries

  • Offline marketing campaigns and offline marketing channels

  • Media buy or PR

  • Youtube, TikTok, or Twitter ad campaigns

  • Graphic design, animation, or video production

  • Implementation of dynamic/ personalization content


Make sure you have changed the timezone according to your location on the calendar above. If none of the times matches your availability, feel free to email Joyce at to see if any additional slots are available.


For those based in Hong Kong, you have the option to pay via credit card below or via FPS, bank transfer, and direct deposits. Please get in touch with Joyce at for details. For those based abroad, please purchase via "buy now" button below. Booking is only confirmed after the payment is received. 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


For Joyce to answer all of your content marketing-related questions on the spot, we recommend individuals prepare their questions in advance. We do not offer any refunds and reserve the final right to deny any last-minute booking changes. If you have further inquiries, feel free to let Joyce know and we will try our best to cater to you.


Joyce can't wait to speak to you!

What does a Content Marketing Specialist do?

A content marketing specialist is a crucial member of any marketing team. They help create, curate, and distribute content that is engaging and informative. This can include anything from writing website copy and whitepapers to crafting social media posts and email newsletters.
Content marketing specialists must have an understanding of the target market, be able to write compelling content, and know how to use SEO best practices in order to reach their business goals. They are often the experts in the room when it comes to content creation so businesses should definitely seek them out if they want quality content that will help them grow.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Consultations

You don't need to spend years to learn Content Marketing skills yourself - simply ask me!

Joyce’s authentic way of presenting herself is what drew me to reaching out to her. She is a very engaging professional that is very evidently passionate about what she does and about educating her clients. She doesn’t sugarcoat or hard-sell anything at all, which I feel sets her apart from other marketing agencies. She has a great energy and is genuinely keen to share her knowledge and expertise.

In just a two hour conversation with her, I learned the difference between content creation and content strategy, their functions and what I needed to be focusing on with my business. Joyce helped me identify clearly what I could be doing better with my content marketing and where my areas of focus should be as well as how to sustain it myself. 

Julia Sinarwi, Founder of Finesse Lifestyles

Why is working with a Content Consultant important?

When a five-figure business comes to me, they ask for deliverables on a per deliverable basis.

When a seven-figure business comes to me they ask what my long term availability is and if I’m available to speak to them every once a week.

My deliverables are designed for small business owners who want to take their business to the next level. Different from regular content marketing agencies, I offer a perdeliverable service that is affordable and easy to use. I also offer weekly phone consultations so you can always have my support. My services are tailored to each individual client and I work hard to ensure that the results are exactly what my clients need. With my help, you can take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.


If you're looking for monthly engagements, consider a subscription plan with me! At a fixed monthly price, you get to ask me questions whenever you want!

Longer Commitments

If you're looking for a pay-for-access or pay-for-work model that includes both consultations and other deliverables, let's discuss potential ways to work together.

Pay for Access
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