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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing Programs


Add an expert to your marketing team without the need to pay a full-time salary

Establish strategic and comprehensive marketing plans that are aligned with business goals

Instead of spending months to a year or more...

Taking on content marketing tasks personally can divert attention and energy away from core business activities.


Business owners may need to sacrifice time that could be dedicated to product development, customer service, or other critical aspects of their business. Balancing content marketing with other responsibilities can be challenging.

Only spend a quarter!

For startups and businesses in need of marketing leadership, Joyce Tsang can provide Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) services.


She can work closely with clients to develop and execute comprehensive marketing plans, oversee campaigns, and provide strategic guidance to drive growth and achieve marketing objectives.

Client testimonial on Joyce Tsang Content Marketing from Erika Gomes, Head of Marketing, Evercam
Client testimonial on Joyce Tsang Content Marketing from Erika Gomes, Head of Marketing, Evercam

Why do you need a Fractional CMO?

Let me cut to the chase. You don't need to be here if: 

1) You have an innovation. Something completely unique that no one else has (think Uber and Netflix);

2) You have a huge ad budget that allows for excessive spending.

If your company doesn't have either, your only chance to win is through content marketing.


Traditional outbound marketing won't set you apart from your competitors, but creating valuable content and owning your community as a thought leader will. Joyce Tsang Content Marketing specializes in content marketing, social media, and digital marketing. Our Fractional CMO service provide expert guidance and strategy to help you carve out your own niche, create valuable content, and own your community. Our process is based on global benchmarks, best practices, and our extensive expertise in the field.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing Programs - Client testimonial - DataSource Logo

"It can be hard and confusing for a SME to produce its own social media content without in-house resources. Joyce understands quickly what needs to be done and is very helpful in explaining the strategy and logic behind the actions and schedules. We are very satisfied with the high quality of the content produced, that needs almost no touch up. Joyce is a real asset for any company who needs a proper digital strategy and good content!"

Olivier Darnay, Managing Director of DataSource

Table showing the difference between a Fractional CM and a Content Marketing Agency


What is a Fractional CMO?

Basically, a fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is a part-time or contract-based marketing executive who provides strategic leadership and guidance to a company's marketing team. Fractional CMOs are typically brought on board to help small to mid-sized businesses that may not have the budget to hire a full-time CMO but still need high-level marketing expertise. As a part-time member of the team, the fractional CMO can work on specific projects or provide ongoing support as needed.

What can you expect from our Fractional CMO service?

Clients can expect a high level of customization from Joyce Tsang as a Fractional CMO, whose services are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of their company. Rather than simply delivering regular retainer deliverables, the Fractional CMO takes the lead on strategy, training, hiring, and setting up content operations.


The Fractional CMO communicates with the client to understand their business objectives and brainstorm ideas, which are then delegated to the team for execution. The Fractional CMO also assesses and analyzes the results of these initiatives to identify areas for improvement and provide detailed reports to the client. With our expertise in content marketing, social media, and digital marketing, the Fractional CMO provides valuable guidance and strategy to help the client achieve their marketing goals.

Joyce Tsang and the Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Logo
Copy of Collaborating with Joyce was a game-changer for our content strategy. Her remarkab
Copy of Collaborating with Joyce was a game-changer for our content strategy. Her remarkab
Office space

According to zippia, Chief marketing officer salaries typically range between US $72,000 and US $253,000 a year. 

You're looking at a salary at an upward of HK $90,000/ month to hire a full-time CMO in Hong Kong.

How much does our Fractional CMO service cost?

Priced at HKD $1,200 per hour, providing affordable access to high-level marketing expertise.

  • Remote and entirely online for maximum convenience.

  • Ideal for receiving expert advice on-the-spot, with immediate responses available during in-house team presentations, meetings, and reporting sessions.

  • Great for sudden and flexible needs, allowing clients to access Fractional CMO services as needed.

Content Marketing Programs

Why should you consider our Fractional CMO service?

Educational and fully transparent

We don't just follow orders - we work with you as a strategic and execution partner to cater to your needs. We are passionate about content marketing and eager to share our expertise with you, providing full transparency about what we're doing and how it will aid your business objectives every step of the way.

Expectation management

 If you're tasked with finding a content marketing service provider but don't have content marketing expertise yourself, it can be difficult to manage upper management expectations and answer their questions. Our experienced team can be involved in team meetings to clearly explain the work, the process, and anticipated results, helping you manage expectations and achieve success.

Specific and irreplaceable expertise

Many agencies in Hong Kong claim to do content marketing, but what they really offer is content creation and traditional/social media marketing. Our end-to-end expertise and content marketing experience are at a global level, as proven by the awards and recognition we have received from media, organizations, and clients. We offer genuine content marketing services, not a mish-mash of online marketing tactics, providing you with specific and irreplaceable expertise that sets us apart from the rest.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing Programs

Cut out inefficiencies, pivot toward value.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing was founded by Joyce to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create effective content strategies and educate them on content distribution through social media and digital marketing. We have chosen to focus on this group of target clients because we are a small business ourselves and understand the challenges they face.

To maintain positive relationships with our clients, we make our boundaries very clear. Just as our clients strive for success in their business, we do the same for ours. We demand our clients respect our time and effort, and in return, we promise to value the progress of their brand as much as they do. We do not do unpaid speculative work, and we expect our clients to be prepared for calls by having a list of questions or an agenda to ensure effective communication.

For us to achieve the best results for our clients, we believe that both parties must work together. We are committed to cutting out inefficiencies and helping our clients pivot toward value, and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve your marketing goals.

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