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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing Funnel

See your awareness, interest, and consideration stage come to life.


One of the reasons many companies do not enjoy the fruits of content marketing is because they lack a strategy for connecting the dots. It is simply not enough to drive consumer interest with an ad, a post, or even a website. Your potential customer needs to go through stages to know and trust you.  And that, indeed, is a lot of work.

But there is a simple way to get yourself started. Time to plug-and-play, all within 31 days.

Target Audience Understanding

Not all entrepreneurs or small business owners can afford a full target audience persona study. But that doesn't mean you can't start small with us. 

We will choose and look into a highly specific group of down-funnel audiences for you. Then, we will research and generate learnings to create audience-centric and pain point-driven copies.

Paid Efforts

We create highly-targeted ads on Facebook (also distributed on Instagram) and on Google search with those copies. 

These ads are distinctively fed to those within the selected specific group of audiences through behavioral targeting and keyword research.

Specific Landing Page

You may already have a website, but chances are it does not captivate your traffic, giving them reasons to spend time with you.

We will create a specific long scrolling image landing page to be hosted under your domain. The landing page will direct to your desired conversion point, may it be your e-commerce checkout or your inquiry section. 

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing Funnel

But the speed and affordability come with its offset.

First, this program can only be specific to one product and one group of down funnel audiences. To achieve a 360 content strategy for the whole brand, you must invest in content and digital marketing strategy.

Second, the landing page does not include SEO capabilities specific to keywords inclusion. The landing page will be set up with an appropriate meta description and URL but with no actual web build.

Third, the landing page will not generate traffic on its own. It relies on paid efforts to help guide the audience through the journey. 

This, by no means, is the fix to all your problems.

But this is the most affordable and quickest way for you to get started. The program gives you a whole new perspective on what content marketing is all about. Not to mention, it guarantees actionable learnings for you to make future moves. 

And others are trying it already - with one achieving a whooping 65% increase in sales the first month. 

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing Funnel - Client results

Why should you consider this program?


There is no shame in tacking those most likely to buy from you first. But I can also guarantee you don't know them that well. 

Are you sure your current demographics are enough to keep your brand alive in the high competitive down funnel pool? If it is, why aren't your existing ads converting?


We hear too many stories about entrepreneurs throwing their budget in paid efforts away, without understanding how much they should spend, and how much cost per action can result in a potential lead.

At the end of the program, we can list out your full funnel metrics, so you know exactly how much you should be spending. 


Yes, things will always change. But we don't believe in working without some type of benchmark. 

Do you know how many click throughs to your website results in a customer inquiry? Do you know how much your cost per lead is from your existing campaigns? It's time to have all that figured out.

Questioning why you can't do this by yourself?

Apart from the obvious fact that we have the expertise, it is because the content on your website is not the right content to be distributed across the whole content marketing funnel. 


Likely, what you have at hand is the text by copywriters. Simply copying and pasting them onto a landing page or posting them as social media posts will not get you anywhere. Audiences are not interested in reading the same information twice. They seek different personalization and digest content with different behaviors on different platforms. Duplicating what you have on the web is simply a waste of time. 

Because If it is that easy, why do content marketers, or marketers, even exist?

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing Funnel

Stop wasting money on things that aren't scalable

As an entrepreneur myself, what I can tell you is each penny of your investment is only worthwhile if it teaches you something you can act upon to grow your business. If you find yourself spending money without being able to anticipate its results, why bother?

Myself, as well as our graphics designer and web developer will work on this for you. All you have to do is provide assets and access, and then receive a detailed document at the end of the month that justifies your investment.

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