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There's no point if only I understand.

Education will only continue to be a prominent aspect of Joyce Tsang Content Marketing, and there is indeed a lot of support we can give to our future generations. 

Not only does the act of giving back reinforce our brand beliefs, we genuinely enjoy the process and find value through such interactions. 


Guest speaking experiences

  • HKU Space Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Brand Management part-time lecturer

  • CoCoon Foundation - STEP Program - Entrepreneurship @ 21 Century

  • E-Commerce lecture at UOW College

  • Interview with Career How Podcast (Listen to the Cantonese podcast below)

The importance of storytelling

Apart from sharing specific insights into content marketing, content creation, the utilization of distribution channels, and more, the most unique thing about Joyce Tsang's educational interactions is her way of storytelling.


In essence, storytelling is all about going from being self-centered to audience-centric. It involves the speaker offering authentic knowledge that reaches, engages, and initiates an action or an emotional reaction in the audience. 

It is no different than an individual or a brand using content to achieve their objectives online. And this skill is one that everyone should have in the 21st century.


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