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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Why Content Marketing works?

Achieve long term success


"If you think that the low-quality content can help you promote your brand via amazing content marketing techniques, then you are not on the right track." - Lindsey Benson, News Anyway


Content Marketing generates 6x more leads at 62% of the cost of traditional marketing -


Customer acquisition costs from Content Marketing are 15% less than paid acquisition. -


Companies with a content strategy have a 30% higher growth rate than those who do not. -

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Why Content Marketing works?

Why is Content Marketing important?

"The marketing landscape has shifted dramatically over the last six months. The ongoing pandemic coupled with a struggling economy has only accelerated those changes. Anytime there is a swift change in consumer behavior, marketers must adapt and pivot.

The challenge is that most of you reading this have not pivoted. 

A foundation that makes up your marketing strategy both online and offline should have a simple goal: to ensure your business stands the test of time. Not too long ago, all you needed from a marketing standpoint was a website and Facebook page. If you were a contractor, you may have exhibited at a tradeshow/expo booth once or twice a year, and your calendar would get booked out. For others, referrals and word of mouth drove 100% of their business.

Those days have long passed by. Consumers and businesses alike have a vast number of options for how to spend their money and where they invest their time. This means that marketers have to work harder than ever before to reach the people they need to contact.

Your marketing strategy is the foundation; and in working with thousands of businesses, I have found that most don't have the foundational elements." - Michael Tasne, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific

What is the role of Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is all about making people want to hear from you and want to talk about you. Your potential customers are going through countless types of content every day. They might land on your website through search engines, they might come in contact with you through email marketing, or they might have simply stumbled across your video content. 

The point is, each piece of content must play into a comprehensive strategy, appear at the right moment on the right marketing channels, so they each become a piece of tactic that can call-to-action. That is how content marketing can be used to attract customers.

Content marketing is not there to hard-sell - it is here to attract. Without content marketing, it is difficult to drive your target audience to action and achieve marketing goals without you losing out on your branding or messaging. 

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Why Content Marketing works?

Does Content Marketing actually work?

If you are looking to drive immediate sales results, content marketing is not for you. But if you are looking to drive long-term growth and attract leads continuously, please find yourself at home!

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