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Success comes from planning.


No one wants their wins to be a fluke.

Learn what a content strategy is

Not seeing growth good enough to justify your content creation efforts?

You know content marketing is a must-do for your business, but you have no clue where to start. You've somehow rushed into it and started posting content online. You thought it would ultimately get you somewhere, only to find that the more you post, the more you question yourself if you're doing this all wrong.

Well, I'm here to tell you, what you need is a content strategy. Hiring
 someone to write some posts for you will not fix anything.


Ready to stop wasting time and money and do content marketing the right way? Start by learning what a content strategy, a social media strategy, and a digital marketing strategy is below.

What you need are strategies

This is the same for B2B and B2C companies.


A content framework uniquely tailored to your brand to attract your target audiences.

Social Media

Use the right platforms effectively to raise awareness, drive interest, and conversion for your brand.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Building the digital presence of your brand through organic and paid content distribution.

Content Strategy

A content strategy can instantly tell you what content you should and should not be creating. There's no need for wasteful testing when your content is created from actual research.

What is it?

  • A document that identifies what content the brand should create to appeal to their target audiences.

  • Content pillars, which are open-ended topics, are established in this document after the brand's key messaging platform and the target audience persona are aligned.

  • A content strategy identifies what objective each piece of content is as the pillar indicates fitting content formats.

Why do I need it?

  • This document gives any brand a highly organized way to create, monitor, and refine their content.

  • This document not only keeps the brand on track, but the brand is able to assess what content works best, and pass the framework to freelancers or future employees to maintain content quality and consistency.

  • Each platform will be responsible for an objective so that accurate metric measures can be devised and monitored.​​

Who should have one?

  • The document is helpful for anyone who wants to acquire clients with content. It includes freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and more.​​

  • The document is important for those who are not very experienced with content creation as it acts as an easy guideline to follow through and develop.

  • The document is suitable for people who will create content themselves or consider outsourcing content creation to others.

The document includes:

  • Brand Key Messaging Platform

  • Target Audience Learnings

  • Content Pillars

  • Content Pillars Deep-Dive (Objective, Platform, Formats, Tone and Manner)

  • Content Funnel

Social Media Strategy

What good are the products in a store if the storefront is broken? Many people are fixated on the content itself, so much so that they completed forget the importance of using social media correctly. You would be surprised how simple details make a big difference.

What is it?

  • This document illustrates how the brand's selected social media platform should be used to achieve its objective.


  • This document outlines how the brand can improve existing efforts based on the platform's best practices and user behavior.


  • This document identifies potentials and gaps through deep-diving into what competitors have done. 

Why do I need it?

  • This document stop brands from making the mistakes that damages their organic and paid efforts.


  • It helps brands differentiate themselves from their competitors.

  • The document help brands understand the market and make better decisions by learning from their competitors.

Who should have one?

  • This document is helpful to anyone who is struggling to grow on social media. It includes startups, small companies, and even middle-sized companies who have been investing in social media platforms but suffers from unjustified cost.


  • This document is helpful to those who struggle with low organic reach, low organic engagement, and high cost per action.

  • This document is helpful to those who are in a competitive market.

The document includes:

  • Assessment of existing brand platform performances (Maximum 3)

  • Problem

  • Competitor Overview (Maximum 3)

  • Solution 

Digital Marketing Strategy

 Have you fallen numerously into the Facebook ad trap believing it's easy peasy stuff but end up seeing no performance from your spent budget? This document is here to tell you what you should be doing instead.  

What is it?

  • This document generates a funnel to attract, retarget, and convert high-quality leads into becoming customers.


  • This document identifies the different distribution channels appropriate for the brand and their roles within digital marketing.


  • It creates a digital marketing infrastructure to see how the brand’s content should appear in the digital world.​​

Why do I need it?

  • It makes sure the content created are actually being seen by the target audiences.


  • It identifies how a single piece of content can be utilised across different channels to save cost.


  • It identifies where the brand should invest in advertisements.

  • It outlines the customer journey for your target audiences online.

Who should have one?

  • The document is helpful for small companies who are struggling to get their content seen.


  • The document is helpful for those who have struggled with boosting/ ad-buying online.


  • The document is helpful for those who have already been publishing content and has more than one owned online distribution channel.

The document includes:

  • Brand’s Objective

  • Digital Infrastructure

  • Utilization of each platform (Measurement, best content)

  • Potential Advertisements (Inspirations)

  • Potential User Journey

First time hearing about this?

Strategies take knowledge to create, and not everyone is willing to create them for you because:
  • Once you have a strategy, you learn to ask the right questions
  • Once you know what questions to ask, it becomes difficult for them to hide behind glamorous statistics and fool you on metrics
  • When you can't be fooled, they can't find ways to ask for more money for "an extra post" or "a new campaign" because you are capable of making the judgment yourself
Still confused as to what the strategies are?
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Stop wasting time on broken accounts

My goal for you is to realize the importance of having a strategy and to experience the difference yourself. I see too many broken accounts that will take ages to fix, and I don't want to be the person repeatedly fixing things that could have been proper at first.

✔️ Find out about your target audience and identify content that both excites them and expresses your brand.


✔️ Say goodbye to the stressful content ideation process and rely on a long-term framework that helps you create at ease.

✔️ Know how to spot content patterns and what metrics to look out for to justify growth and effort.

✔️ 100% clear on the purpose of your content.

✔️ Know the best practices on your selected platform and stand out from the crowd.

✔️ Know where your audiences come from and what stages they will go through during their engagement with your brand.

✔️ Be confident in buying ads because you know exactly what to expect

The results?

Content Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy


Much stronger organic performance

Increased organic and paid engagement

Much cheaper cost per action

Start knowing what works

Would you invest in a new floor in a broken house, or would you invest in a well-built house? This is the very same concept as investing in content that will never work because there is simply no framework. No matter how nice your posts look or how much engagement you get from your posts, there is a reason why they will never drive leads.

All you need to do is to take the first step

You can only do better with a strategy in place because all you're doing right now is creating a bunch of stuff and letting them roam wild on the highly competitive internet.

Each of the strategies mentioned gives you a clear structure on content creation, content distribution, and content promotion. Without a strategy, you will never have measurable results because you don't know what has caused it. 

I can't imagine anyone not wanting a way out of constantly creating content and not knowing what to expect. A strategy is literally the key to getting you out of unnecessary work.

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You've landed on this page for a reason

The situation will not fix itself unless you take action! The is the opportunity to get you out of wasting time and effort. Now is the time to develop your complete game plan.

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Already have a strategy and is looking for someone to help execute it?

My network of content creators and well as myself are delighted to help. Click below for information on content creation and social media management.