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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing as a Strategy

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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Client Testimonial

Karl Wong,
Founder of Karner

The ability to educate, to be highly realistic, to be passionate, honest, and have the mindset of an entrepreneur - these are all the qualities of Joyce, and so far, she has guided me through marketing strategies on a step by step approach. 


Joyce really helps me as an entrepreneur to make decision and really gives more confidence to invest more with a clear approach on a monthly basis! Very interesting material and strategy. Very easy to follow and straightforward explanations. Easy to understand.  


Thank you. I highly recommend Joyce’s services.

You're trapped in the cycle of being a content vending machine

You know that content marketing is a must-do for your business, but you have no clue where to start. You may have rushed into it and started posting content online, thinking it would ultimately get you somewhere, only to find that the more you post, the more you question yourself if you're doing it all wrong. Hard work will always lead you somewhere; you just need to know what to do. Well, I'm here to tell you that what you need are strategies.

Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.


It's not more content you need -
Here's how much money you're wasting by not having a Content Strategy

In 2023, the monthly cost of social media content creation services in the USA and UK ranges from USD $800 to $5000 for three to seven social media platforms ( This means companies are spending an average of USD $34,800 per year on social media content creation. To justify that investment, they should be seeing a 5:1 (500%, meaning $5 earned per $1 spent) ROI.

But I'm willing to bet that you're not generating an average revenue of USD $174,000 per year from content.

 The difference in having a Content Strategy

Having a documented content strategy allows you to earn more money. Note that I'm not saying a content strategy can increase your revenue by crazy folds (though it can, if the strategy is executed exceptionally well and all assumptions are proven to be true).

What I'm saying is that a content strategy guarantees to help you reduce your content creation cost and increase effectiveness, which drives a much better ROI closer to the benchmark of 5:1.

How? By strategically informing you of the exact pieces of content that should be created to attract your target audiences, increasing the likelihood of them taking action.

The cost of content marketing is 62% less than traditional methods, yet it results in 3 times as many leads. This translates to a higher ROI.


Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Client Testimonial

Charlene Kwong,
Founder of Indahouse

I feel content after talking to Joyce every time.


I was amazed by her efficiency and patience. Her professional advice gave me confidence to pursue my plans and achieve my goals.


Following her guides has helped me make better decisions and allocate time and resources appropriately.


She is generous in sharing her vast knowledge and she is definitely a great educator.

Why do businesses need a Content Strategy?

Having a content strategy is only step 1. To achieve and enjoy the full merits of Content Marketing, you must:

i) Create the right content for the right people (Content Strategy), to be

ii) Distributed at the right place (Social Media Strategy), and

iii) At the right time (Digital Marketing Strategy)

Click below to find out what goes into a content strategy, why use a content strategy, and what does a content strategy include,

Content Strategy


A framework tailored to your brand which tells you what content you need to create to attract your target audiences.

  • A document that identifies what content the brand should create to appeal to their target audiences.

  • ​Content pillars, which are open-ended topics, are established in this document after the brand's key messaging platform and the target audience persona are aligned.

  • ​​A content strategy identifies what objective each piece of content is as the pillar indicates fitting content formats.

Content Marketing Strategies
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing as a Strategy - What you're buying
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing as a Strategy - What you get
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing as a Strategy - What you can do

Content Marketing Results

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing as a Strategy - Client Results
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing as a Strategy
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing as a Strategy

1) Much stronger organic performance

Our content strategy has helped this client realize what organic content is best for their Facebook page to drive engagement so they do not waste time and money on paid social. Instead, they know the exact content they can put a budget behind to accelerate growth.

2) Increase organic reach

By creating content based on our content strategy, this client saw immediate growth in reach with just a single post. Such learning has also helped with their Facebook ads, pushing down the cost per page, which they would not have achieved without posting the right content.

3) Much cheaper cost per action

While the global benchmark for cost per action is around USD $1, our client achieved an average CPA of only USD $0.25 with our content strategy. This is how a content strategy helps increase ROI by saving money and increasing efficiency with the same budget. 

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Client Testimonial

Billy Cheung,
Business Consultant

Our brand is a newly established FMCG brand targeting high value customers who care about values more than price. And we understand that having a customer oriented digital & content marketing strategy is the key to success.


But it's hard to find someone / companies who could provide us clear roadmap & practical advice until I found Joyce's facebook ad and was attracted by the valuable tips & contents published on her social media accounts.


I knew Joyce is the right person to work with because she acquired me successfully and gained my trust in a short period of time! 

Company without a Content Marketing Strategy


27% win rates

(Source: 1827 Marketing)