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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - What does Content Marketing Do?

Content Marketing for beginners


Content Marketing has been around for over a century, but it has only regained mainstream traction in the last decade. While all brands are talking about "storytelling" and "authenticity"; how many of them truly know what content marketing is? 

Firstly, Content Marketing is not...

According to Jacqueline Loch, executive vice president, customer innovation, SJC Content, said, "There's still a tendency for content marketing to be viewed as pretty pictures, snazzy videos, and storytelling." 

So, what is content marketing, and what are the differences between a content strategy, content marketing, and a content marketing strategy?

Picture Content Marketing Strategy as a neighbourhood


This is your brand or your company. 

Within your house, you have a distinct interior style (which is your tone and manner), your furniture (which are your content executions), and your house structure (which are your content pillars).

Content Strategy


These are your distribution channels.

Roads allow people to get to your house, as well as to other houses. 
This includes things like social media platforms, websites, podcasts, and more. 

Content Marketing