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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - 3 Month Slasher Mentorship

Gain clarity. Tell your own story.


Nothing will happen if you don't make a change. Anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset who wants to explore their potential outside of a regular full-time job should consider content marketing. It's the cheapest and most effective way to transform your passion into a personal brand or side hustle.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketer as a Slasher

Create your own brand, attract your target audience

The world will improve no matter what, and it will not wait for you. While you might easily spend hundreds of dollars on weekend leisure classes making crafts or baking cake, why wouldn't you invest in a skill that is proven beneficial for your personal and professional life? 

Recruiters are looking for skills, and customers are looking for proof, and neither of them is satisfied with just a CV. Now is the time to action and unleash your potential. None of us can simply rely on word-of-mouth. No one will know about your talent or abilities unless you learn to showcase them professionally. 

Take advantage of your abilities and turn Slasher into your job!

Yes, content marketing is a lot of hard work. And yes, it requires you to step out of your comfort zone. Most certainly, it will require you to think about creating content and posting on social media from a completely different perspective.

But now is the time to take action and learn how to grow yourself and your personal brand with effective marketing.  Because if you don't change, the world will leave you behind. 

Look at how reality TV shows on stations like Viu TV have given regular people a chance to shine. Look at how social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram have empowered creators to start their own businesses. They didn't start with a product or service. Neither did they have a clear understanding of their audience's demographics. These people weren't even trying to connect with new customers with their social media content. They started by creating content that represented themselves. And so many people have been left in the dark just because they haven't been marketing their skills and connecting with their audiences. Now is your chance to learn.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketer

What to expect

1 x 1 hour online lesson every week over the course of 3-months

  • Set up - Learn how to strategically build your online presence as a personal brand with content

  • Content execution - Know what content to create to market yourself and justify your effort

  • Refine and improve - Ensure growth and longevity with a framework to easily follow through

  • Content marketer mentality - Learn how to track, assess, analyse, and make decisions for your brand's content with confidence

Mentorship for Slashers


- What makes a strong brand, identifying your brand, branding worksheet to be completed

- Setting up your account, tips and tactics, account review

-  Assembling your asset library, organizing different types of content like a content marketer, content sharing

- How to create content, frameworks and guidelines, basic target audiences understanding, content homework to be completed

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - 3 Month Slasher Mentorship - Month 1 - Branding and set up
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - 3 Month Slasher Mentorship - Month 2 - Content execution


- Scheduling content, best practices, content calendar review

-  Content monitoring, spotting content patterns, content sharing

- Reviewing content, qualitative and quantitative analysis with metrics, content report to be completed

- Planning and scaling content, learning and spotting successful pieces of content, refining content creation, content template to be completed


- Industry/ "Competitor" Research, front end and tools, findings review

- Content learnings, improving existing content, content sharing

- Reviewing content, anticipating results, generate actionable next steps with measurable insights, content report to be completed
- Setting benchmarks and marketing goals, discovering content impact, ​content framework to be completed

- Plan and direction to consistently grow social media presence with great content

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - 3 Month Slasher Mentorship - Month 3 - refine and improve

On top of that...

I would like to offer you a "Love it or leave it" guarantee.


If you do not think the mentorship has helped you create your own brand and teach you how you can attract your target audiences with content after completing the mentorship, I will refund every penny of the mentorship back.


Why? Because that is the level of confidence I have in my Mentorship program. Previous mentees have only become more confident. They were more than satisfied about the materials. There is no way this mentorship will not deliver as promised. My goal is for you to love it. 

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - 3 Month Slasher Mentorship - What you are buying
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - 3 Month Slasher Mentorship - What you are getting
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - 3 Month Slasher Mentorship - What you can do
Joyce Tsang Content Marketer as a Slasher

The Slasher Mentorship is not Influencer Marketing

The mentorship is not for people aspiring to be influencers. Nor small businesses or business owners looking for promotional marketing campaigns. I’m only here to help those with an entrepreneurial mindset learn the basics of a content strategy so they can use social media marketing to their advantage. 


By uncovering their personal brand messaging in this mentorship, I can help mentees identify their niche and the type of content they need to create to improve their position in achieving success. That may be to attract potential customers, increase conversions, other business goals, or just to understand which pieces of content are worth their time and effort to create. This mentorship is for you if you want to improve your online marketing skills and develop and build your personal brand awareness to justify your marketing efforts. 


If you are looking to learn technical skills, such as:

  • Target market research

  • Email marketing

  • Search-engine tactics

  • Monitoring social networks

  • Creating a marketing plan/ marketing strategy

  • Blogging

  • Creating video content 

... and other marketing tactics.


Please visit Upskill Training!

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - 3 Month Slasher Mentorship

Mentorship for Slashers

HKD $12,000 (HKD $4,000/ month)

✔️ One-on-one mentorship guidance online, once every week, 1 hour/ session

✔️ Step-by-step process with tested content creation frameworks

✔️ Gain clarity with tailored documents detailing your personal brand and content tactics

✔️ Unleash your potential with new skills and a new mindset; discover your strengths; ignite your spark in expressing your passion as a slasher with me!

All content included in our Mentorship for Slashers is protected by our T&C

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - 3 Month Slasher Mentorship

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