Content marketing is a life skill


Why risk it and do it all alone?

I got you

Tell your own story

Anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset who wants to explore their potential outside of a regular full-time job should look into content marketing. It's the cheapest and most effective way to establish your side hustle into a brand. I've done this myself in the past two decades, and look where it has taken me. A jump in roles every year, a chance to step on one of the biggest stages in Hong Kong, and a practical backup plan to support my lifestyle after quitting my full-time job.  

It wasn't ads or networking that got me here, it was content.


You only have things to gain and literally nothing to lose

The world will improve no matter what, and it will not wait for you. While you might easily spend hundreds of dollars on weekend leisure classes making crafts or baking cake, why wouldn't you invest in a skill that is proven beneficial for your personal and professional life? 

Recruiters are looking for skills, and customers are looking for proof, and neither of them is satisfied with just a CV. No one will know about your talent or abilities unless you learn to showcase them professionally. 

Stop wasting time

So many people make the same mistakes as they try to turn their passion into a side business. Learn the ways to ace the transition with someone like me, who has done it all before!

Stop guessing around

I've done this for so long you can ask me anything on content marketing yourself and I can answer you on the spot. Let's start tackling your passion hands-on!

Start trusting yourself

There's no need to be confused or frustrated when you know the drill and understand how to tell your story. Realize that you have something worth bringing to the world!

What to expect

1 x 1 hour online lesson every week over the course of 3-months

  • Set up - Learn how to strategically build your online presence as a personal brand with content

  • Content execution - Know what content to create and justify your effort

  • Refine and improve - Ensure growth and longevity with a framework to easily follow through

  • Content marketer mentality - Learn how to assess, analyse, and make decisions for your brand's content with confidence

3-Month Mentorship Program

Month 1 - Branding and set up

- What makes a strong brand, identifying your brand, branding worksheet to be completed

- Setting up your account, tips and tricks, account review

-  Assembling your asset library, organizing content like a content marketer, content sharing

- How to create content, frameworks and guidelines, content homework to be completed


Month 2 - Content Execution

- Scheduling content, best practices, content calendar review

-  Content monitoring, spotting content patterns, content sharing

- Reviewing content, qualitative and quantitative analysis, content report to be completed

- Planning and scaling content, refining content creation, content template to be completed

Month 3 - Refine and Improve

- Industry/ "Competitor" Research, front end and tools, findings review

- Content learnings, improving existing content, content sharing

- Reviewing content, anticipating results, content report to be completed
- Setting benchmarks, discovering content impact, ​content framework to be completed


Why should you listen to me?

Because I've been there and I've done that!

People see my journey and supported me because of my content.


That's how I've managed to build my community, gain my reputation, and open doors to new opportunities.

Build your community, discover your ability, simply by learning how to tell you own story. 


Who is eligible?

Youngsters -

  • Form 4/ Year 10 and above

  • Discover your identity

  • Prepare for the real world

Adults -

  • Any adults wanting to start a side hustle

  • Create your identity

  • Navigate the real world

Seniors - 

  • Preparing/ in retirement

  • Express your identity

  • Enjoy the real world

Because slashing is a mentality not bounded by age!

Also, no quitters allowed! It will be hard work but it'll be worth the while.


Enrol today!

The Mentorship for Slashers program is HKD $12,000 for 3 months at HKD $4,000/ mentee/ month.

Unleash your potential with new skills and a new mindset, and experience your spark in expressing your passion as a slasher with me!

3-Month Mentorship Enrolment Form

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.