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Joyce Tsang Content Marketer panelist speaker at Marketing 2.0 Conference at Dubai, 2022

Passionate. Expertise. Educational.


As a content marketer, Joyce helps entrepreneurs, as well as different business owners, create their content strategies. She educates them on how to distribute content through digital marketing and social media. Her immense contributions to the marketing industry also led her to be recognized with the 'Outstanding Leadership Award' at the Marketing 2.0 Conference's glittering recognition session. 

Outstanding Leadership Award

Joyce Tsang Content Marketer panelist speaker at Marketing 2.0 Conference at Dubai, 2022

Joyce was among the chosen few to be felicitated on the Marketing 2.0 Conference stage. When questioned about how Joyce felt after receiving the recognition, she expressed that it was possible because of her different perspectives on content marketing. She is always looking out to reach different audiences and different people to connect, and her perspective and emerging ideas made it possible for her to achieve this recognition.

Choosing the awardees for the "Outstanding Leadership Award” category was challenging for the awards committee (co-chairs and management). All honorees were judged on the below parameters: 

  • Leader's Reputation

  • Educational Background

  • Professional Experience

  • Creative Thinking

  • Decisive Leadership

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2022 Top 75 Speakers

Joyce Tsang Content Marketer listed as top 75 speakers today, 2022

You know the moment: You’re browsing through the Internet looking for inspiration until you run into a piece of golden content that gives you life. Someone on this list likely posted that content. It’s hard to maintain momentum without a daily dose of inspiration...


These speakers & coaches have found a way to stand out in their respective niche areas. Whether it is social media, speaking engagements, workshops, etc. When ranking these speakers the team took into account their momentum, content, and influence as the primary factors.

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Highly recommended in the industry

"We conducted a survey at the end of the summit, and Joyce was ranked the number one speaker out of 12 over the 2-day event. We loved having her, she had so much energy, so much commitment... Her passion, knowledge, and expertise really shined through. Not only in her presentation, but her Q&A value she provided in the end."

- Joanna King, organizer of the Social Media Strategies for Entrepreneurs Virtual Summit, and Director of Marketing & Communications at Networked Solutions (UAE)

Authenticity, Consistency, and Transparency

Joyce Tsang shared her invaluable insights on the subject, "Persistently Agile: The Key To High-Performance Marketing Lies With People, Not Projects," along with four other marketing leaders from around the globe. She discussed how important it is to be authentic when considering digital platforms to reach people. 

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Joyce Tsang Content Marketer as a Keynote speaker
Joyce Tsang Content Marketer panelist speaker at Marketing 2.0 Conference at Dubai, 2022

According to her, authenticity is something that will make people pay attention to you and your work. In an era of saturated markets and decreasing attention spans, the only way to stand out is to be your authentic selves in the digital world. She also mentioned how important it is to consider the clients and the team to ensure the quality of the content. Joyce shared the two keywords that need to be considered when creating content: consistency and transparency. 


During her time at the conference, she emphasized the importance of transparency at the highest level while building a brand. Joyce also discussed how being authentic could help the content creator stay consistent in delivering the content. She believes that the true idea of achieving consistency and transparency in creating content is in realizing and remembering what it is that one's brand has set out to do.  

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Joyce Tsang Content Marketer panelist speaker at Marketing 2.0 Conference at Dubai, 2022

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