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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing for Slashers

Stop putting it off.


Because you're not going to be okay seeing others start their own business, have multiple sources of income, explore their potential and passion while you're still stuck in the same rut, living the same life you want improved.

You need to refuse to be in the same position. Turn your life around in months by working smart and starting today.


90% of start up fail.

Two of the main reasons for failure is ineffective marketing, and not being an expert in the industry.

- Investopedia

I know what you're thinking.

You think that if everyone else has seemingly made good money by starting their side hustle and acquiring freelance jobs by themselves, you can do it all by yourself too. All you need to do is watch some Youtube videos and download free documents.

So why hasn't it happened yet?

Why aren't you a successful Slasher with multiple incomes already?

Stop lying to yourself.

You can have great skills, but it doesn't matter.

The hard truth here is you're not seeing how much better these people are at marketing themselves than you are. 

  • Do you know what strengths you have that can be presented so people demand for it?

  • Do you know your sweet spot that forms a strong personal brand which can be monetized?

  • Do you know how to create content that builds a unique identity and grows trust within your target audiences?

  • Do you know how and where to tell your story so it helps you attract opportunities? 

To succeed in the Slasher generation, you must know these things, or else there’s nothing anyone can do to help you grow your business.

Coworkers Working Together

Business without marketing is a myth. It is almost impossible to have a business without marketing... Most businesses fail because they lack marketing skills.


There are many different ways to market your business. However, one of the best ways to market your business is through content marketing.

- Markooo

"On average, to build your personal brand as a leader, you can expect to pay between USD $1,000 to $20,000 for brand identity." - Latin Presarios

And that only cover things like logos, color palette, typeface (which, by the way, you can generate for free here) - nothing about how you can identify your personal branding, create suitable content, and attract your target audiences.

While I'm here to teach you how you can unearth your personal branding as a Slasher through my content marketing courses. In it, we will be discovering your strengths, tailoring your message according to your passion and abilities, and the best practice framework for individuals like us to create effective content that can attract opportunities at our doorstep, all on-demand...

*Please note that all USD amounts are approximates. Please calculate currency exchange to date based on HKD amounts for exact cost in USD.

What do you gain by learning how to build your personal brand?

Here are  testimonials and results from mentees who are slashers and content creators in Hong Kong.

Bryony 2.png

You learn what it takes to get your customer's attention, cater to their needs, and prompt them to take action with you.

You learn how to use your interests and strengths to earn new job opportunities.

You identify the value you can provide to effectively strengthen your way of communication. 


Bryony here is now confident in creating content to showcase her music career after completing Mentorship for Slashers, and is building a community of her own on Instagram!


Stevie here used the skills she learned at Upskill Training and landed a new FT job in a completely different industry which she loves!


Ronald here recognized his strength and entered a startup competition after completing our Mentorship for Slashers!

Why can't you just start your personal brand with free, online materials?

When you search for "starting a side business" or "building a personal brand", chances are you'll receive lists that tells you:​

  • Making your own craft, becoming an affiliate, monitoring social media, and offering to write are great side business options - but those aren't things you're looking to do;

  • To stay consistency, tell your story, and connect with your audiences - these are, indeed, evergreen rules, but they won't help you get anything done unless you've already identified your own value and proposition; 

  • Starting your personal brand is all about finding your niche and discovering who you are - which we all know, but your problem is you don't know how to start, or what is the right way to approach it with your multi-faceted passions and capabilities.

At best, you'll find stories of how others have applied these simple steps and earned themselves a fortune. But what good does that do to you? You can try and replicate the success but you'll never reach your personal goal.


Because none of the ideas were tailored to you. 

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing for Slashers

Why trust me?

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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I was a dancer/ choreographer/ dance instructor/ reporter/ editor/ founder/ hair braider/ nail artist/ actress/ model and I've been doing this for almost 20 years. I didn't have a mentor but that's why I made a lot of mistakes (such as how pointless it is to run any advertisements at all). I could have saved so much time, and likely, accomplished some of my personal goals half the time if I had a mentor to guide me through the process. 

All I knew to do was to constantly creating content. And content brought me opportunities.

I blogged about things I love, and posted raw captures of my day on my social media channels. They became my promotional materials and earned me conversions, even when I didn't have any case-studies to show for.

People wanted to connect with me after seeing what I have posted on my social media platforms. Most interestingly, it attracted headhunters to my social networks. My online presence gave me new job opportunities, transforming me from a writer to an all-rounded content director. Such authentic and consistent effort replaced the stress of trying to acquire that first client out of nowhere to generate word-of-mouth.

You can be trying to sell a product or provide a service for your brand, but at the end of the day, it boils down to the same thing - you're trying to attract audiences. And if your content does well, it will naturally drive them to take action.

Unlike entrepreneurs and small business owners, it is not an employee or a "guru" we need - it is knowledge. We slashers are willing to get our hands dirty and learn skills to build our careers ourselves. We just need to find the right person to answer our questions, give us actionable insights, and guide us on our journey.

Content Marketing benefits


Use content to make people believe what you say.


Use content to show people you have the skills to do what you say.


Use content to reassure people that you are acting on their behalf.

Don't take years to unearth your personal brand by yourself

  • I know the pain of introducing yourself with all your Slasher capabilities, only to receive puzzled looks and assumptions that you're simply "not professional enough" to own a traditional, corporate title.

  • I know how it feels to try and explain what we do to family members and be dismissed as "dream chasers" and "unpractical" because our passion does not fit the conventional career norm.

But I also know how liberating it feels when people see our achievements, wants to tag along, and starts commenting things like "I've always believed in you! Congrats!" on our posts. 

Resulting in such change is all dependant on you.

Not how hard you work;

Not how well you are at your craft;

Not how many people you network with and know;

But how well you stand out and attract opportunities.

Exploring in different potentials alone takes a lot of time. It results in wasted efforts. You won't get paid enough.


And you don't need me, but you need content.


I'm just the person who has created courses for you to take to empower yourself with content as your tool. 

Here's how you can get into Content Marketing with no experience

Personal Branding Workshop


Identify your values - core to who you are, and they impact how you feel and behave.

HKD $780 (Around USD $100*)

A 3-hour on-demand workshop to discover your strengths and see your potentials to build your personal branding yourself!

*Please note that all USD amounts are approximates. Please calculate currency exchange to date based on HKD amounts for exact cost in USD.

As a result? You become clear on your short, mid, and long term goals, keeping yourself focus on only what is important, and discover your ultimate purpose. Because it's not only what you do, or how you do it, my on-demand courses are here to explain why you do it. That's the foundation to personal brands which very few other courses cover. 

Best of all? None of the on-demand courses will break your bank.

You have the freedom to commit to just one step, or enjoy all three as a discounted Ultimate Slasher Bundle for just HKD $1,500 (original price is HKD $1,990!)


The Ultimate Slasher Bundle - HKD $1,500 (Original value at HKD $1,990)

That's a 25% discount!

Second guessing the decision because you're wondering how hard content marketing is? To show the trust I have in you, as well the confidence I have in my course materials, I'm also offering a "Test before Committing" guarantee.

After you purchase The Ultimate Slasher Bundle, we will open the Slashers Masterclass access to you. If you don't think my style is for you and do not want to continue, we will refund the full HKD $1,500 to you*, no questions asked.


Why am I doing this? Because I know it is hard to take the first step. I am not asking you to make a decision now, but to give this a try first so you can make an informed decision afterwards. 

This payment portal is only applicable for the Ultimate Slasher Bundle. Please refer above to purchase courses separately. Before your purchase, we urge you to understand the Terms & Condition to our Digital Products. After payment, our team will reach out to the according Paypal email with the access to the Slashers Masterclass.


*If you do not request for a refund after the access to the Slashers Masterclass is opened for 3 days, we will proceed to open the access to both the Personal Branding Workshop and the Inbound Marketing Crash Course to you. Do understand and note that this will be done in the Hong Kong timezone during our office hours, so do expect a buffer of 24 hours. For any inquiries, feel free to reach us as

You're not alone.

The Ultimate Slasher Bundle - HKD $1,500 (Original value at HKD $1,990)

Let me help you reveal your subconscious potential to consciousness!