Hey, I've been there.


Unleash your full potential and attract opportunities

Being a slasher is definitely an option

Don't hold yourself back just because you don't know how to get there

The concept Slashing was coined sometime during 2011, and was on the rise since then. Viewed by the public as millennial's solution to job insecurity and the lack of creativity in their 9-5 jobs, it became a way for individuals to develop parallel careers to express their true self identity.  

So whether you're a 9-5 finding a way to become financially stable without having a full-time job, a freelancer struggling to acquire more clients, or an entrepreneur who has hit a plateau, I'm here to tell you there is something you can do to change it.


Here's my story

I was a dancer for over a decade, working as a part-time dance instructor and a project-based commercial dancer throughout university and after graduation. 

I love to write, so I naturally became a reporter and later an editor as my full-time job. 

While juggling the two, I felt like I had nowhere to express my knowledge and passion for visual art. So I started an art and culture magazine on the side, created youtube content on nail art, and started providing hairstyling services to other dancers upon request. 

I achieved various milestones for each title and was recognized as a writer/ dancer/ art enthusiast before I reached my 30s.