Hey, I've been there.


Being a slasher is definitely an option.

How to make it

It's normal to have a multitude of interests
(and be good at all of them!)

The concept was coined sometime during 2011, and was on the rise since then. Viewed by the public as millennial's solution to job insecurity and the lack of creativity in their 9-5 jobs, it became a way for individuals to develop parallel careers to express their true self identity.  


Here's my story

I was a dancer for over a decade, working as a part-time dance instructor and a project-based commercial dancer throughout university and after graduation. 

I love to write, so I naturally became a reporter and later an editor as my full-time job. 

While juggling the two, I felt like I had nowhere to express my knowledge and passion for visual art. So I started an art and culture magazine on the side, created youtube content on nail art, and started providing hairstyling services to other dancers upon request. 

I achieved various milestones for each title and was recognized as a writer/ dancer/ art enthusiast before I reached my 30s.

It's not just about the money

It escalated quickly from there. I started using my hairstyling skills in lookbook projects for my arts and culture magazine, promoted and hosted events with my content creation abilities and acquired B2B clients for my dance choreography service from PR connections I've made at my full-time job. 

At the time, I shared my passion through posting social media content. But mind you, I did not know anything about search-engine optimization, email-marketing, or even how to create hashtags.

But opportunities started pouring in. People wanted to connect with me after seeing what I have posted on my social media platforms. Most interestingly, it attracted headhunters to my social networks. My online presence gave me new job opportunities, transforming me from a writer to an all-rounded content director. 


But how do you get there?

"50% of new customer for service-based companies are from word of mouth" - Drip

I no longer pursue everything, but each of the titles mentioned above came from a demand for my unique qualities. They would not have existed if I did not start a slasher career. While most people's word-of-mouth came from their existing or new customers, my word-of-mouth came from my content.

Passion is your fuel, but building your identity is the engine

So, instead of stressing about how to acquire that first client to generate word-of-mouth, all I did was created content that was genuine. I was blogging about things I love, and posting raw captures of my day on my social media channels. They became my "promotional" materials and earned me conversions, even when I didn't have any case-studies to show for.

The truth is it’s much easier. As an individual, you don’t need to have a marketing plan or deploy professional marketing tactics. Your ultimate goal is not things like ROI or lead-generation. You don’t need to worry about business goals. While influencers still need to put potential client needs in mind, be involved in marketing campaigns, constantly gauge their social media presence, and worry about the number of subscribers they have; you’re simply creating pieces of content to build your own ‘brand-awareness’. In essence, you just need to market yourself.


The beauty of this is the more you express yourself, the easier it is to attract potential customers. That is because you represent a niche. Your authentic messaging is what matters. Who you are, becomes your unique branding. As long as it feels right for your storytelling, you can create blog posts, video content, even infographics if you wish. But for your efforts to become justifiable, you need to achieve the following three goals with the types of content you decide to create.

No, it’s not the same as being an influencer


You need to use content to make people believe what you say.


You need to use content to show people you have the skills to do what you say.


You need to use content to reassure people that you are acting on their behalf.

Taking the right steps

As you can tell, I've been doing this for almost 20 years. The mistakes I've learned from can easily prevent you from wasting your time (such as how pointless it is to run any advertisements at all). And slashers do not have to do this all alone!

You can be trying to sell a product or provide a service for your brand, but at the end of the day, it boils down to the same thing - you're trying to attract audiences. And if your content does well, it will naturally drive them to take action.

Unlike entrepreneurs and small business owners, it is not an employee or a "guru" we need - it is knowledge. We slashers are willing to get our hands dirty and learn skills to build our careers ourselves. We just need to find the right person to answer our questions, give us actionable insights, and guide us on our journey.

Here's where I come in.


I have the resources you need

You can be a complete blank slate. You don't need prior marketing skills or knowledge on social media. You can be completely clueless about content creation.


As long as you have an entrepreneurial mindset - meaning you're willing to learn and to get your hands dirty, you can kickstart your slasher journey with me today!

Don't hold yourself back just because you don't know how to get there

Whether you're a 9-5 finding a way to become financially stable without having a full-time job, a freelancer struggling to acquire more clients, or an entrepreneur who has hit a plateau, I'm here to tell you there is something you can do to change it.