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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Press Angles

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December 2021 - 

From Editorial to Content Marketing -
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Shares How Freelancers And Slashers Can Stand Out From The Crowd

打破迷思: 集客式內容行銷 101 - 
80 後女生創 Joyce Tsang Content Marketing 為自由工作者及斜槓族增加機會 助創業家與小商戶觸及潛在客戶

Jan 2022 - 

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing 首個工作坊 自由工作者及斜槓族不可不知的內容行銷創業大法

January 2023- 

Receive Clarity To Everything Content Marketing –
Joyce Tsang Is Your Personal Remote Content Marketing Expert

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Press Angles

Media Coverage

​2021 -

  • December 2021 - 職業生涯點 Career How - EP. 41 跟 Joyce Tsang 學Content Marketing: LINK

2022 -

  • March 2022 - Jessica Hong Kong - 初創品牌如何透過「內容行銷」在網上吸納客戶?市場學專家 Joyce Tsang 超詳細傳授內容行銷法則!: LINK

  • March 2022 - Telum - Telum Talks To... Joyce Tsang, Founder, Joyce Tsang Content Marketing: LINK

  • July 2022 - Motivator Music - TOP 75 SPEAKERS TO WATCH TODAY: LINK

  • Dec 2022 - APAC Entrepreneur - Feature story - Joyce Tsang: A Highly Passionate Content Marketing Expert on a Quest to Unleash the True Potential of Content for Brands:  LINK


2023 -

  • Jan 2023 - Yeukai Business Show - Episode 489: Joyce Tsang | How To Plan And Strategise Your Content With Content Marketing As An Entrepreneur: LINK

  • February 2023 - Authority Magazine - Joyce Tsang: Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Launched My Business or Startup: LINK

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Press Angles

Our top 3 Content Marketing tips

1) Be authentic - create content that resonates on a human level. No one is here for corporate messages. 

2) Be strategic - know what your content is set out to accomplish. There's no way to justify your efforts without starting off with a specific goal. (And no, sales is not a goal!)

3) Be relevant - just talking about your brand all day is not going to drive interest. People want to know how you can solve their problems. (And that starts with target audience persona understanding!)

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