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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing ROI

Client case studies


At Joyce Tsang Content Marketing, we help entrepreneurs create their content strategy and educate them on the distribution of content via social media and digital marketing.  

But I bet you've read many corporate missions like that before. 

So we want to do it differently - by showing you our content marketer portfolio and telling you exactly the numbers we have achieved.


Organic Content

The statistics showcase the difference a content strategy makes, based on content released just a month apart. 

Not only does relevant content drive higher reach and impressions, but it is also the most effective in increasing engagement rate and exploring new potential grounds.

Forget global benchmarks.
Here are the numbers we can help you achieve.


Clien Story- Solopreneur - Nelson Ling

Paid ads

I have been able to consistently help clients achieve a cost per click and cost per page like on Facebook at below HKD $3.* This is the result of relevant content creation, specific targeting, and setting the right ad objective.

I can also help clients estimate their Facebook ad budget based on a conversion rate of around 3%.* Clients can therefore be more in control of the results they wish to achieve.

*Prior and during iOS14 changes in 2021

For LinkedIn ads, although they are slightly more expensive than Facebook ads due to platform differences, I have managed to achieve an average CPC of HKD $2.84, which is lower than the global benchmark of HKD $5.58.


Furthermore, by implementing a content strategy, my LinkedIn ads have achieved an average CTR of 0.82%, surpassing the global benchmark of 0.55%.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing ROI with website traffic

Website Content

Many clients have the misconception that Google search ads are the solution to their weak corporate website. Instead, they have simply been focusing on the wrong metrics. 

At Joyce Tsang Content Marketing, we can help websites regain their health by creating effective social-to-website CTAs with relevant content. 

In turn, you can see our efforts have resulted in much lower bounce rates and much higher average engagement time. Not to mention, it has achieved a higher conversion rate than paid efforts. 

Lead generation

Most of our clients do not have a funnel, but that does not stop us from helping them with lead generation. We have successfully been able to push down CPL dramatically with our content, consistently achieving CPR on Facebook at around HKD $40 only*.

*Prior and during iOS14 changes in 2021

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing ROI with lead generation
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing ROI with one month intense program

Basic Funnel Strategy

By building two targeting lists for one social ad, one Google search ad, and a landing page, we were able to help our client engage new audiences, effectively driving them from social to landing to purchase at just around HKD $73/ lead. 46% of those leads closed as well, driving the client's sales up by 64% that month.

The program also increased the average time spent on the website, indicating the content has successfully attracted and added value to the audiences.

Joyce Tsang working on a laptop in the office

Ready to start?

It didn't take long for Joyce Tsang to be recognized in the industry. Within the first year of establishing Joyce Tsang Content Marketing, she has caught the attention of marketers around the world. It isn't by luck that she has acquired more than a dozen clients on her own in just 12 months.

If you want to work with someone who is highly passionated, experienced, and an expert at everything content marketing, why not jump on a free diagnosis call and see what we can offer?

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