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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Upskill Training

Drive effective content marketing initiatives independently


Feel a sense of instability and a lack of control, as if your desired life is constantly hindered by the need to survive? Perhaps it's not about quitting your 9-to-5 job, but rather about having options. Invest in yourself, acquire new skills, and be prepared for higher-paying opportunities. Discover the marketing course you need from Hong Kong.


Instead of spending months...

Content marketing requires continuous experimentation and adaptation to find what works best for the target audience.


Business owners may need to invest time in analyzing data, tracking metrics, and making adjustments to their strategies based on the results.


This iterative process can be time-consuming and may require a willingness to learn from failures and adapt accordingly.

Only spend weeks!

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing offers training programs and educational resources on content marketing.


This includes lectures, tailored courses, and downloadable guides to help entrepreneurs and marketers enhance their content creation skills, understand content marketing best practices, and stay updated with the latest industry trends.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Upskill Training Mentee


"Joyce is an excellent and incredible mentor who can make complicated things sound so simple and easy to understand.


I did not know anything at all about social media marketing when I first started, but with her help, I could quickly grasp the basic knowledge of how to do social media marketing. And within a short period of time learning from her, I gained enough knowledge to become a freelance social media marketer and make some income.


I highly recommend anyone who has a passion for social media marketing and wants to understand that universe thoroughly to learn it from this amazing teacher!"

Why is Upskilling important?

The estimated total pay for a Content Marketing Strategist is USD $72,222 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of USD $66,720 per year.

- Salary: Content Marketing Strategist (January, 2023) - Glassdoor

The numbers are even higher according to superpath, where they state that the median annual income for a Content Marketer (full time and freelance work combined) is USD $88,256. 

Content Marketer's Average Annual Income bar chart by superpath

For Individuals -
That means you're leaving money on the table

Perhaps you're a copy writer, a social media manager, or an in-house marketing executive. Or you're an entrepreneur, unable to afford to hire a full-time employee to take care of your marketing duties yet.
Either way, you're someone who's been trying to take on clients while being responsible for a brand's marketing. And you feel stuck:

  • You're stuck in the daily grind and not feeling too inspired. You're pretty sure that your monthly income will stay roughly the same if nothing changes.

  • You've been wondering how you can upsell your services, generate better performances, and upskill yourself for companies to see more value in you.

  • You've come across different entrepreneurial coaching programs, and watched various marketing-related webinars. But none of them seem to give you what you need.

Because you are looking for practical skills that you can learn, develop, and use on-the-job the next day.

For Companies -
That means it makes more sense to upskill your existing team

Are you an agency owner, sales representative, account manager, or other client-facing team in the digital marketing industry? Are you struggling to advise your clients outside your agency's expertise in SEO, social media, or paid media? 


You're right for thinking content marketing knowledge can help.

  • Give clients unique suggestions, solutions, and added-value by taking on a content marketing lens.

  • Upsell clients by showing them further marketing potentials through content marketing.

  • Upskill your team to extend your service offerings and grow your agency.

Don't buy talent. Instead, invest in your staff and provide tailored content marketing corporate training to improve your services instantly. 

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Upskill Training Mentee


"Joyce was the very first editor that I worked with. I was writing feature articles for her website and loved every moment of it because of how freely I could express my ideas and vision in curating articles; from contacting artists who I personally followed and loved, to planning interviews, and to creating the write-up and layout of the article, Joyce provided me with an immense amount of artistic liberty and space to develop my creative vision. I felt that she was able to give me timely advice and constructive criticism, but also trusted and saw me as a content creator. 


As a result, I was able to submit a feature article I wrote to the South China Morning Post summer internship program, and was accepted as a summer editorial intern. My experience working with Joyce had also indirectly landed me my current job at an international risk investigations firm, as I was asked to talk extensively about my passion for writing which I had honed there, and how I took ownership of my ideas and the articles I had written. 


Working with Joyce, I had learned the importance of establishing a personal creative portfolio, in order to build my brand and standing as a content creator. I owe my gratitude to her and how well she managed me as a remote freelance writer based in Vancouver at the time through effective communication and a highly regularized posting schedule."

Upskill training and development on
Content Marketing tactics


  • Key messaging platform

  • Target audience persona

  • Content pillars

  • Distribution channels and objectives

  • Content Marketing funnel


  • Social media data analytics

  • Web data analytics

  • Social media best practices

  • Web best practices

  • Monthly reports

  • Content adaptations


  • Customer content journey mapping

  • Facebook ad campaigns

  • Google search campaigns

  • Content audit

  • Competitor analysis

*Depending on the individual, new tactics may be tailormade. The tactics can also be applied to corporate training/ class-based mode of learning with class sizes at 5 people maximum. All individuals in the corporate training/ class-based mode will have to learn the same set of tactics together. Please reach us here for more details or tailored programs.

Training objective

  • To match your existing skill(s) with one content marketing tactic every month;

  • To help you upsell your current services/ gain a better competitive edge in the industry;

  • To teach you new practical skills so you can explore your full potential and be inspired every day!

Training outline

  • After a 30-minute diagnosis call with Joyce, she will advise the most valuable tactic corresponding the individual's existing skill from the pre, during, and post-content creation phase, resulting in a 3-month program

  • In Month 1, 2, and 3, the selected tactic from the pre, during, and post-content creation section will be tailor made to fit the individual's specific goals and objectives

  • There will be one zoom call at 1.5 hours every week, following the structure below every month:

Week 1


Going through what that tactic encompass and how it elevates content creation

Week 2


Teaching the individual on how to craft the tactic themselves with a case study

Week 3


The individual will be assigned to a demo to create the tactic in week 2 as a challenge, and to share their findings here

Week 4


The individual should now be able to create the tactic themselves, and to discuss the opportunity on implementing this into their skillset

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Testimonial from Clare Tang


"Joyce is a great communicator and an amazing mentor to work with. She truly understands the needs of the clients and has extraordinary intuition in strategising content marketing.  Prior development, she provides valuable pointers and unique framework for us to work with, while allowing us to be original and creative.  I am also very grateful to her detailed and constructive feedback for all of the pieces that I have developed. She has given me a safe space to make mistakes, but more importantly a lot of tools and drives for me to understand and improve my work every single time.

I am personally inspired by her knowledge and her passion in this profession and I am very happy that I get the opportunities working with her. I look forward to many more collaborations with Joyce, it is certainly my honour to share her passion in content marketing!"

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing's Upskill Program Promotional Poster

Upskilling for the future

  • At the end of the 3-months, the individual can decide to graduate by creating their own service offering deck or new portfolio with their new skills, whereby Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Limited will provide a certificate and badge for;

  • The individual can decide to continue after 3 months and explore another new set of tactics from the 3 sections;

  • Apart from the individual being able to explore new opportunities on their own with the additional skills, Joyce Tsang Content Marketing will also invite best performing graduates to become paid mini mentors for specific tactics;

  • Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Limited will include graduates into the company's teamlancing network, so they can step in for client deliverables, exercise their new skill and earn an extra source of income!


Simply start by providing me with your information.


I will send you a welcome email and arrange a time for our first meetup call, during which you can provide me with detailed information about the skills you would like to learn. Afterward, I will send you a personalized curriculum, along with the invoice for the first month, and an agreement for you to sign.


After you have processed the payment for the first month and returned the signed agreement, we will schedule our first lecture lesson based on a mutually agreed time for a video call.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Upskill Training Mentee


"I first started working with Joyce by helping her out on an Adidas neo Facebook campaign. I had no similar prior experience at all; I only started because I like to write. But Joyce took me onboard anyways and taught me how to create good content.


Everything went on very smoothly, and as I was working with Joyce, I realized that writing skills were not everything. You also need to have a strong marketing concept, understand your target audience’s desire and needs, identify the product’s unique selling points, and create based on that. Besides, you also need to be able to communicate with other production teammates effectively. Particularly with social media, where there can be very high share and view rates, it can be very damaging if what you posted isn’t what your audiences enjoy reading.


I started working at HK01 after I graduated and successfully became an editor. The things I have learned from Joyce became very important. I learned how to attract audiences without being a hard sell and be more creative in the way I wrote. Joyce is a very detail-oriented person, and she has taught me how to tackle product copies with relevant themes and topics. She has heavily influenced me on the importance of proofreading as well! "

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Upskill Training

Upskill Training

HKD $13,500 (HKD $4,500/ month)

✔️ One-on-one training online, once every week, 1.5 hour/ session

✔️ End-to-end training covering respective theories, concept, frameworks, tools, tactics, and executions

✔️ Ensures comprehensive understanding with downloadable lectures and documents

✔️ Practical knowledge that can be applied straight at work or interview opportunities!

All content included in our Mentorship for Slashers is protected by our T&C

Your chance to get a Professional Certificate in Content Marketing

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing's Upskill Training Certificate of Completion for Stevie Tsui

If your company is not providing upskilling programs, it's up to you to upskill outside of work.

It's impossible for you to upskill yourself without the help of leaders at work. So look outside of work.

Upskilling is essential for any age. It's not just about staying competitive, but feeling valued.

Upskill Training form
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Upskill Training Mentee


"I have spent years writing for clients, but when it came to creating content for my own brand, I didn't know where to start. 

By breaking down features of my brand and offerings (some of which I wasn't event aware of), Joyce has been helping me figure out how I could position and market my business. I look forward to turning our ideas into content!

Thank you Joyce, your advice has already come in handy."

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing's Upskill Training Completion Seal for Stevie Tsui
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Testimonial from Daisy Wong


"Thank you Joyce for assisting us in these 3-month Upskill Training Program.

The course was well organised, clear and easy to follow with lecture, tutorial exercises. Joyce was knowledgeable and engaging tutor, with a clear teaching style and provide real-world cases. I am extremely grateful to have Joyce as a resource, as she consistently provides me with valuable feedback based on my current progress at work. In addition to her feedback, Joyce is always available and willing to answer any questions that I may have.

The course covered three big areas which we would like to focus on. For instance, how to create a content strategy for a campaign, how to deal with pad social, and how to recognise content patterns to discover the right "Golden Content". Prior to the start of the course, I have a lack of confidence on why some of my social media content outcomes are not as excellent as anticipated and why, despite placing an ad, there is not a significant gain in followers.

One of the biggest changes that I made as a result of the course was my approach to creating a content that aligns with my target audience's interests and needs. Also, I gained new skills in evaluating, optimising, and measuring the effectiveness of my social media content - something I had not done previously. Moreover, I learned that placing an ad does not necessarily lead to new followers, but rather helps to expand potential audience reach and build brand awareness. Organic followers can be gained if the content in the feed is of high quality and engaging. Through the course, I was able to apply what I learned in practice. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in content marketing."

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing's Upskill Training Completion Seal for Daisy Wong
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing's testimonial from Apryl Zhang


"I recently completed Joyce Tsang's 3-month Upskill Training Program and I would recommend it to anyone lacking business experience and struggling to work in a structured way.

Joyce is an experienced content marketer, event organiser, and business tutor who designed the course with 3 different topics and a combination of lectures, discussions, and practical exercises. Throughout the course, I learned overall strategies for planning and implementing campaigns, managing social media, and analysing analytics. Prior to the course, I had been too focused on completing my work without considering overall business strategies to achieve company goals. However, after completing the course, I now feel more peaceful at work because I am able to organise campaigns more efficiently and monitor analytics data to gain insights that can be leveraged to achieve better business results. I also learned how to follow up on the results of monthly operations and campaigns to determine what works and what doesn't.

Joyce is a responsible and patient tutor who is also a good listener and adviser. I never realised just how helpful the course would be until I tried it myself. Therefore, I highly recommend Joyce Tsang's Upskill Training Program to anyone looking to improve their business skills and work more efficiently."

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing's Upskill Training Completion Seal for Apryl Zhang

On top of that...

I would like to offer you a "Love it or leave it" guarantee.


If you do not think the training has taught you the skills you need to learn based on the selected tactics after completing the training, I will refund every penny of the training back.


Why? Because that is the level of confidence I have in my Upskill Training. Previous mentees have only become more confident. They were more than satisfied about the materials. There is no way this training will not deliver as promised. My goal is for you to love it. 

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Upskill Training

Quick! I only have 3 spots opened this quarter. Act now!

Upskill Training Enrolment Form

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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