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Build yourself with content

Are you struggling to market yourself?

Perhaps you're a copy writer, a social media manager, or an in-house marketing executive.

Or you're an entrepreneur, unable to afford to hire a full-time employee to take care of your marketing duties yet.
Either way, you're someone who's been trying to take on clients while being responsible for a brand's marketing.

And you feel stuck. 

You're stuck in the daily grind and not feeling too inspired. You're pretty sure that your monthly income will stay roughly the same if nothing changes.
You've been wondering how you can upsell your services, generate better performances, and upskill yourself for companies to see more value in you.
You've come across different entrepreneurial coaching programs, and watched various marketing-related webinars. But none of them seem to give you what you need.

Because you are looking for practical skills that you can learn, develop, and use on-the-job the next day.

Working on Laptop

Did you know that the average salary for a copywriter/ content creator in Hong Kong is HKD $15,000-15,029/ month;
and the average salary for a content marketing manager in Hong Kong is HKD $38,250/ month?

Source: Indeed, 2022 & Glassdor, 2022


Here's your way out

I have worked on both the agency and the client side, fulfilling social media, content creation, and other digital marketing duties for brands. 

What I've learned is (which most of you should already know), you are often left alone and just expected to know what to do. Unless you have a strong, knowledgable, and friendly mentor who is also the direct head of your department, open to teaching you their expertise - which is very rare. 

You're juggling mundane tasks with no space to learn, and asked to justify metrics when all you've been doing are executions. No one has bothered or realized that you need strategic training to provide insights and prove yourself highly valuable. 

I didn't have that mentor figure throughout my career. So I had to learn it the hard way - by changing jobs every year and starting fresh in order to acquire new skills. 

It was tough, but I made it a priority. I know I stood no chance for managerial roles if my CV did not have more skills to show. No one was going to serve me promotions on a silver platter. I am the only one invested in my career.

As a result? My monthly salary jumped around 15% every year. But I wouldn't advise everyone to do what I did. I only had to do that because I didn't have a person to teach me. So that's why I'm here now, hoping to be that person for you.



Knowing how to write, design or shoot can only get you that far. Being experienced with only traditional outbound marketing techniques won't do much good in the current digitalized world. If you're hoping to be a true marketer and stay competitive in the 21st century, you need to learn about content marketing. 


Whether you're a freelancer or a full-time employee, you need to showcase your value to your client or employer. That doesn't simply happen with hard work. You need to provide valuable skills that differentiate you from the next person on their list. That's how you gain bargaining power.

Up your career!

Those who are lucky may get opportunities, but only those who have the skills can seize them. Build your CV, attract better roles, grow your network, and explore your full potential by learning practical new skills.


Training objective

  • To match your existing skill(s) with one content marketing tactic every month;

  • To help you upsell your current services/ gain a better competitive edge in the industry;

  • To teach you new practical skills so you can explore your full potential and be inspired every day!

Content Marketing Tactics

Pre-content creation

  • Key messaging platform

  • Target audience persona

  • Content pillars

  • Distribution channels and objectives

  • Content Marketing funnel

During content creation

  • Social media data analytics

  • Web data analytics

  • Social media best practices

  • Web best practices

  • Monthly reports

  • Content adaptations

Post-content creation

  • Customer content journey mapping

  • Facebook ad campaigns

  • Google search campaigns

  • Content audit

  • Competitor analysis

*Depending on the individual, new tactics may be tailormade

The tactics can also be applied to corporate training!

Training outline

  • After a 30-minute diagnosis call with Joyce, she will advise the most valuable tactic corresponding the individual's existing skill from the pre, during, and post-content creation phase, resulting in a 3-month program

  • In Month 1, 2, and 3, the selected tactic from the pre, during, and post-content creation section will be tailor made to fit the individual's specific goals and objectives

  • There will be one zoom call at 1.5 hours every week, following the structure below every month:


Week 1

Inspire - Lecture-based

Going through what that tactic encompass and how it elevates content creation

Week 2

Understand - Tutorial-based

Teaching the individual on how to craft the tactic themselves with a case study

Week 3

Digest - Discussion-based

The individual will be assigned to a demo to create the tactic in week 2 as a challenge, and to share their findings here

Week 4

Action - Brainstorming-based

The individual should now be able to create the tactic themselves, and to discuss the opportunity on implementing this into their skillset


Potential careers in Content Marketing

According to Semrush's State of Content Marketing 2022, many individuals are interested in becoming content marketers as they see the potential in the industry. 

With more and more companies hiring content creators, content strategists, and content managers, this is a great time to learn the skills to future-proof your career. 

What do you get?

  • At the end of the 3-months, the individual can decide to "graduate" by creating their own service offering deck or new portfolio with their new skills, whereby Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Limited will provide a badge for;

  • The individual can decide to continue after 3 months and explore another new set of tactics from the 3 sections

  • Apart from the individual being able to explore new opportunities on their own with the additional skills, Joyce Tsang Content Marketing will also invite best performing "graduates" to bcome paid mini mentors for specific tactics

  • Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Limited will include "graduates" into the company's  teamlancing network, so they can step in for client deliverables, exercise their new skill and earn an extra source of income!


Why Joyce?

Different from other coaches who call themselves "gurus", I don't only have expertise in the field, but I also have formal experience in teaching. Having been a part-time lecturer for the Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Brand Management at HKU Space, I know how to simplify complex concepts, ensuring that the individual truly understands the new knowledge taught. My passion for teaching runs as deep as my enthusiasm for content marketing, guaranteeing a learning process that perfectly marries the two.  


Enrol today!

One-on-one Upskill Training is HKD$13,500 for 3-months at HKD $4,500/ month.

If the individual has friends/ colleagues who are also interested, they can join together and enjoy a class-based mode of learning. 

Class sizes are at 5 people maximum, at a discounted rate of HKD $4,000/ person/ month! All individuals in the group/ class will have to learn the same set of tactics together. 

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