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The way that guarantees growth.

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Is this you?

You're a SMB owner struggling to get your brand recognized online. 

You have been creating content and running ads yourself or paying an outsourced party to do it for you. But it has always resulted in costly investments that do not deliver your desired quality or conversions. 


So, you've been spending a lot of time trying to fix it yourself. 

The problem is you are wasting time and effort that could be used elsewhere in the business.


Until one day, you discover the concept of content marketing.

Unlike your current situation, content marketing is not about investing a budget on content purely from the brand's perspective. Content marketing is about knowing your target audiences so you can create content that attracts and converts.

Your solution starts when you adopt a content strategy, as it provides you with justified information and direction on what content you should create for your business.

No fluff

I only deliver practical knowledge that is insightful and can be acted on.

New insights

I'm not here to tell you what you already know. All of the information I provide is promised to be new.

Lasting concepts

What good is it if the information is dated? I promise to keep you up with the changing world with concepts that are proven to work.

Achieve ROI

I'll make sure you stop wasting any more time and money on content that will not get you closer to your goal.


Experienced failed Facebook ads and ineffective agency retainers?

Let me do all the heavy lifting and help you tell a different story, break through the clutter, and grow your name (even with zero ads)!

With my strategy, you no longer need to pump out heaps of content. Instead, you'll know exactly what content will get noticed, read, and can drive demand.

I'm not giving you broken promises! I can help you justify your content efforts with marketing response rates, enhanced brand awareness, and better reputations.

So stop giving away content and start planning, executing, and measuring content marketing that can motivate buyers.


This is applicable to all businesses, big or small. To justify and measure your effort, you need a strategy that matches up with your goals.


Not everyone can guarantee they'll have the answers to your questions on content marketing. But my expertise and constant process of learning can promise clarity on the spot.


Looking for long term partnership with a program that's been proven to work? Say no more.

Time to tackle your pain points

  • Time management

Follow my plan and remove unnecessary tasks


  • Setting priorities​

Skip unnecessary test-and-learn with my plan​

  • Identifying your path

Delegate your tasks to me, ask me questions, and let me guide you on what to do​

  • Growing

My services are here to eliminate unnecessary work so we can focus on effective actions together​

  • Lack of expertise

You don't have to know everything to do everything well. You can just consult with someone like me​

  • Ill performances

I can help you identify the reasons so you can make better judgements​


The last thing you want is to do what everyone else is doing.

Only beginners are interested in hacks and tricks. Intermediates are starting to think about strategy. But masters? They know everything is just a tool, and the most valuable thing is skills and concepts. Start understanding the content marketing game with an expert like me by your side.​