Content Marketing is not just content creation.

"If you think that the low-quality content can help you promote your brand via amazing content marketing techniques, then you are not on the right track."

- Lindsey Benson, News Anyway

Your potential customers are going through countless types of content every day. They might land on your website through search engines, they might come in contact with you through email marketing, or they might have simply stumbled across your video content. 

The point is, each piece of content must play into a comprehensive strategy, appear at the right moment on the right marketing channels, so they each become a piece of tactic that can call-to-action.

Content marketing is not there to hard-sell - it is here to attract. And that is the only way to drive your target audience to action and achieve marketing goals without you losing out on your branding or messaging. 

Working with Laptops

Running a business is hard


Free up time and acquire leads with content.

Here's how I can help

Build content for people


Not everyone can guarantee they'll have the answers to your questions on content marketing.


But my expertise guarantees you answer on spot when others have failed to do so.

Content Funnel

I understand that it is important for you to see market reactions as quickly as possible.


Receive full funnel insights and start to measure your content marketing ROI in just 31 days.

Content Strategies

To understand what content you should produce instead of feeling frustrated and confused.

This is applicable to all businesses. You need a strategy that matches up with your goals to justify and measure your effort.

Content Programs

Looking for long term partnership with a program that's been proven to work? Say no more.

Garner improving performances, achieve long term goals, and have a solid explanation for when things don't work.

Content Creation

 Delegate daily executions to someone else, so all you need to do is approve for things to happen. 

*This is only applicable for brands who already have a content strategy.

Manage time

Follow my plan and remove unnecessary tasks

Set priorities

Skip unnecessary test-and-learn with my plan 

Identified path

Delegate your tasks to me, ask me questions, and let me guide you on what to do 

No more guessing

I can help you identify the reasons so you can make better judgements 

No fluff

I only deliver practical knowledge that is insightful and can be acted on.

New insights

I'm not here to tell you what you already know. All of the information I provide is promised to be new.

Lasting concepts

What good is it if the information is dated? I promise to keep you up with the changing world with concepts that are proven to work.

Achieve ROI

I'll make sure you stop wasting any more time and money on content that will not get you closer to your goal.

However, only proceed if you...

If you are looking to drive immediate sales results, you're at the wrong place.

But if you are looking to drive long-term growth and attract leads continuously, please find yourself at home!

For Entrepreneurs

Have a business/ starting a new one?

I'm an entrepreneur myself, and the goal I want to achieve is to work on my business, not in it. But you know how hard that is.

While trying to acquire leads, seal sales, manage finance, and cater to admin, there's also that big chunk of marketing you need to do. Indeed, many entrepreneurs revert to word-of-mouth to free themselves from marketing. But sooner or later, it'll bite you back. 

Your referrals will run out, things will change, and advertisements will exceed your marketing budget, leaving you with very few options. You wonder why your conversion rates are so low. You don't know what types of content to create. You're not showing up in search results. You realize you have no marketing plan to fall back on.


That's when you'll regret not starting with content marketing first.

For Companies

Have a business and looking to grow?

You've likely experienced failed Facebook ads and ineffective agency retainers. It feels like what you've been doing isn't enough for your business to keep up. Ads are getting more expensive, organic content isn't seeing much improvement, brand awareness needs to be stronger, and the number of conversions just isn't enough. You want to grow. 

And one day, you discover the concept of content marketing.

It gather insights from previous performance to guide future marketing decisions for growth. You gain clarity on content performance with clear objectives and goals before content creation, so you can justify your efforts and effectively measure success. Both B2B and B2C companies benefit with content marketing because it's all about creating content that gets noticed, read, and drives demand.


As told by clients


Karl Wong,
Founder of Karner

The ability to educate, to be highly realistic, to be passionate, honest, and have the mindset of an entrepreneur - these are all the qualities of Joyce, and so far, she has guided me through marketing strategies on a step by step approach. 


Joyce really helps me as an entrepreneur to make decision and really gives more confidence to invest more with a clear approach on a monthly basis! Very interesting material and strategy. Very easy to follow and straightforward explanations. Easy to understand.  


Thank you. I highly recommend Joyce’s services.

Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 5.55.36 PM.png

I feel content after talking to Joyce every time.


I was amazed by her efficiency and patience. Her professional advice gave me confidence to pursue my plans and achieve my goals.


Following her guides has helped me make better decisions and allocate time and resources appropriately.


She is generous in sharing her vast knowledge and she is definitely a great educator.

Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 5.54.23 PM.png

Our brand is a newly established FMCG brand targeting high value customers who care about values more than price. And we understand that having a customer oriented digital & content marketing strategy is the key to success.


But it's hard to find someone / companies who could provide us clear roadmap & practical advice until I found Joyce's facebook ad and was attracted by the valuable tips & contents published on her social media accounts.


I knew Joyce is the right person to work with because she acquired me successfully and gained my trust in a short period of time! 

Charlene Kwong, Founder of Indahouse

Billy Cheung,
Business Consultant


But why Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the long-term, strategic method of doing marketing today. Content marketing looks beyond ads and social media posts. It is geared to create timeless and classic content tailored to attract specific target audiences across different stages in the marketing funnel. That is why it can guarantee justifiable content and predictable content performances, eliminating the need for team members to waste time and effort on content execution without clear frameworks and guiding insights. It can take any business closer to success. 

While others struggle and waste time creating ineffective blog posts, video content, and infographics, and remains stuck on executions and repeatedly executing promotional marketing campaigns, you can understand how to use social media marketing and search engines to your advantage. By building content tailored to your target audiences and distributing them on different marketing channels such as online marketing, social networks, or landing pages, you attract potential customers to action, optimizing your content into lead-generation tactics that can truly justify your marketing efforts. 

It's cheaper and saves you time

The time you spend figuring out a post is time you could've spent closing a lead, increasing your conversion rate. 

What I can guarantee is if you don't start by understanding content marketing first, you'll soon find yourself wasting a lot of time and effort doing useless, extra work. 

Ads aren't the solution

The effort you use on tackling pay-per-click (PPC), Google Analytics, search engine optimization, and different marketing tools will likely be wasted unless you've aced your messaging with content marketing.

Because that's the the only way for you to create content that calls to your niche and result in a high ROI. 

It justifies your effort

All businesses should know what their version of success looks like, what their business goals are, and how to measure it. The problem with many entrepreneurs is they dive straight into doing before ever thinking about assessing. 

Starting with content marketing is laying the groundwork for your business. That's how you can create great, trackable content.

Business Meeting

Does this work for B2B marketing?

Yes, of course! Though you may not be looking to convert an individual into a customer, both B2B and B2C boil down to P2P, which is people to people. And people are looking for actionable information to help solve their problems, including corporate challenges or personal pain points. 

Either way, content marketing provides a company with a clear marketing strategy that informs them of the type of content they need to create and how they should distribute them to attract their audiences. B2B and B2C companies will benefit with higher quality leads, shorter sales process, better brand awareness, and higher ROI by practicing content marketing. 

Work smart, save time

I built Joyce Tsang Content Marketing purely with content marketing at the end of 2020 and have accumulated over a dozen clients within a year. I did not have prospects waiting to refer me to other clients. I was not an influencer myself. It purely started with content. What I can tell you is not many content marketers in Hong Kong, if any, can do the same. 


To this day, I enjoy quality leads coming in automatically without the aid of any ads. I know what types of content performs the best, and I continue to pump them out at ease. Content has also equipped me with thought-leadership, helping me differientiate from my competitors.


By putting in the hard work since day one, I now get to focus on building my business, execute my marketing plans, host webinars and other marketing activities, while other companies struggle and spend all their time on acquiring clients. 


Frequently asked questions


My success is your guarantee

​Content marketing is the last form of marketing left. Every single company out there is creating content. If it's not worth the while, and advertising and traditional marketing is enough, why is everybody doing it?


Content marketing allows you to understand your target audiences in a new light and put yourself a step forward than others since you are using content to build brand awareness straight from the get-go. 

Yes, it is a lot of work. It takes time. You need to constantly improve your content. Effects don't come in as immediate as an outreach call. But what you put in, it will spit out at an exponential rate over time. Because it is the most cost-effective marketing strategy for attracting your potential leads.

So if my content has worked and has attracted you, I can help you create effective content for your brand to attract your target audiences.