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The inbound marketing crash course on


  • You want to spend your money wisely and grow your business, but all of the free courses and materials you can find online are super lengthy and difficult to understand.


  • You can't seem to find any reliable benchmarks to assess, let alone base your strategies on, and videos of successful clients showing off how much they have earned really isn't helping. 

In such case, this is the crash course for you.


Stand out from the crowd

Learn from home, work from home.

Receiving easy to understand and step-by-step materials in this course so you can learn how to ace your own content, social media, and digital marketing for your business. 

A concise yet effective 4-lesson crash course on:

Inbound Marketing

Things you need to do

Content Strategy

The ways you should do it

Content Creation

How you should do it

Content Distribution

Where you should put them

Struggling to see good content performance? 

  • You may have a Facebook page or an Instagram account that started out just fine, but has since bottlenecked and you just don't know what went wrong.

  • You see competitors flourishing, but you are becoming lost in what content you should produce to differentiate yourself from others.

  • You can't seem to tell which content works well and why some posts have succeeded. 


  • Most importantly, you feel like you're running around in circles not knowing why the efforts spend on marketing isn't growing your business.

This can all change!

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Learn. Grow. Assess.

The key learning I wish for you to have after this crash course is that attention is your goal, and the way to get there is not just by having a nice website or adopting paid social.
I will be showing you ways to identify your target audience and how to establish their persona, how to create content that are specifically for them and is appropriate for respective platforms, and the ways to distribute these content effectively, may it be organic or paid.


If free materials helped, you wouldn't be here.

Free materials can only do so much, what you need is a concise yet effective course that gives you stage by stage guidance.


Justify your current marketing spending.

Whether you have a marketer, agency, or just you doing your marketing, you need to understand for yourself where your money is going (and is it worth it).

Each lesson comes with...

Become your own content marketer in just 4 lessons.

A complete start-to-finish guide

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Crash Course Recommended
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Course curriculum:

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Crash Course Lesson 1
1) Why you should care about inbound marketing

Traditional marketing no longer works in our current era. Until you learn what inbound marketing is and what you need to do to attract your target audiences can you beat out your competition.

Perfect for entrepreneurs first planning or struggling with their current marketing method

In lesson 1, you will learn:

  • What is inbound marketing

  • What you need to do inbound marketing

  • Tips for acing each element in inbound marketing (social media, SEO, landing, and more)

  • Downloadable checklist for assessing your business's inbound marketing achievements

Perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners struggling to see what content works for their brand

In lesson 2, you will learn:

  • What is a content strategy

  • What you need to do to create a content strategy

  • Tips for acing each element in creating a content strategy (targeting, pillars, key messaging platform, and more)

  • Downloadable template for creating your 360 persona

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Crash Course Lesson 2
2) Building your content strategy

Recognising who your target audiences are through creating a persona, and by creating content on social media platforms that fits their interests and behaviours.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Crash Course Lesson 3
3) Creating your content

Each platform is distinctive and they all require different formats of content in order to achieve good awareness and engagement rates.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and content creators who works with one or more social media platforms

In lesson 3, you will learn:

  • How to create content

  • What you need to do to create good content

  • Tips for fulfilling your content strategy with content (formats, copywriting, milking your assets, and more)

  • Downloadable platform-by-platform cheatsheet to create platform-friendly content 

Perfect for anyone who is looking to grow their brand sustainably with a small budget

In lesson 4, you will learn:

  • How to distribute content

  • What you need to do to distribute content effectively

  • Tips for organic and paid social distributions (content patterns, Facebook ad buys, ROI benchmarks, and more)

  • Downloadable step-by-step method to distribute, monitor, and assess your content

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Crash Course Lesson 4
4) Distributing through organic and paid social

A balanced organic and paid social strategy is key in acing your inbound marketing game. Learn about targeting and refer to my ad buying benchmarks to set your budget and objectives correctly.


"Without a comprehensive inbound marketing framework and strategy, you are just wasting your time and your money."
- Joyce Tsang

I've grown Crabtree and Evelyn Hong Kong's Instagram following with 140+ new followers with pure organic content in less than 3 months, garnering a total of over 1,000 organic likes and achieving over 195,000 organic reach free, just with UGC. I've bought ads for countless companies, all of which has consistently achieved less than HKD $3 per action. All you need is a clear framework and an understanding of the game.