Stuck with content ideas? Here are 3 absolutely new ways to tackle it

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on stuck with content ideas
  • You have a gut feel that content templates are not the real fix, but what can you do?

  • You're not a great writer, you barely have the time.

  • You don't have a comprehensive content strategy to guide you in creating effective content.

Though 100% of the time, I will tell people like you to backtrack and set up your content strategy first, I also understand the struggle of an entrepreneur or small business owner.

Hence, here are 3 absolutely new ways to come up with content ideas that can continuously fuel your distribution channels:

i) Use Google Alerts

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Google Alerts

Set up your Google account and use to "monitor the web for interesting new content". Simply type in the keyword most related to your industry or product, and it will feed you a bunch of articles and headlines of related content from today to how many days ago you wish to see.

I check this daily. I visit articles that look interesting down the list and copy down any attention-grabbing titles. I then log all this information onto my trello dashboard and combine them into articles or posts I can write and publish on my respective channels.

ii) Leverage subcultures

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on leveraging subcultures

One of the problems many people face is they feel like they have run out of things to say. They have already posted everything about their product, brand, or service, and anything they write seems repetitive and boring. This is a byproduct of a lack of content marketing understanding, but a somewhat quick fix is to invest in subcultures.

Say, for example, you own a restaurant. The most direct subjects to create content on is the food, the venue, bios of the chefs and team members, testimonies from customers, and any behind-the-scenes insights into the business. However, your subculture could well be fine dining, eat out, a particular ingredient craze, #girlsnightout, so on and so forth.

By identifying and investing in the subculture that is related to your brand not only makes your brand stand out, it also gives you new inspirations for content creation. The content on your owned channels will no longer be just about the brand but also about certain lifestyles, making you a step closer to creating truly value-adding and attractive content.

iii) Answer questions

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing

People run out of ideas on what content to create because they are only trying to initiate conversations instead of responding to existing threads. One easy way to create a lot of new content is to look at what people are asking.

Find out what people are asking is via platforms like Simply type in your industry or related keywords and see the how, what, why, and where people search for in relation to your keyword.

You can also find out what people are asking by simply searching for your industry or related keyword on forums such as Reddit and Quora.

What you would find are a lot of very inspiring posts and ideas that you can create content to answer to. This kind of research is also highly beneficial for you to further understand your target audiences and your SEO opportunities.

But remember, these quick-fix options all require you quite a bit of time as you are wandering somewhat aimlessly to find things to create content off of. So, like I always say, the easiest solution is to devise your content strategy and identify your content pillars right off the bat. This way, you have a framework to refer to, and all your posts are garnering key learnings that can help you refine your content. This is the only way to continuously create and scale effective content, in order to reach business objectives and ultimately, drive sales.

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