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Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing Programs

Experience success that is realistically perceivable


We claim this process not through mere assumptions but from our expertise in the content marketing, social media, and digital marketing field. We have studied common client problems, global benchmarks, and best practices through repeated observations and applications to formulate such a plan. 

Let me tell you how we're different

Let me cut to the chase. You don't need to be here if: 

1) You have an innovation. Something completely unique that no one else has (think Uber and Netflix);

2) You have a huge ad budget that allows for excessive spending.

If your company is neither, I can guarantee your only option is Content Marketing.

Because there is no point for you to place yourself within your competitors through doing traditional/ outbound marketing. Your only chance to win is to carve out your own niche, create valuable content, and own your community as a thought leader. 

Here's how we can work together

Pay to receive my expertise over a monthly commitment of consultation hours.

Get answers on the spot


Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing Programs - Client Testimonial

"Impressive deck and excited to launch and see the technique in content creation :) Very interesting material and strategy. Very easy to follow and straightforward explanations on your deck and thanks for using my images to draw me in and relate back to the content you have typed."

Karl Wong, Founder of Karner

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing Programs - Client testimonial

"It can be hard and confusing for a SME to produce its own social media content without in-house resources. Joyce understands quickly what needs to be done and is very helpful in explaining the strategy and logic behind the actions and schedules. We are very satisfied with the high quality of the content produced, that needs almost no touch up. Joyce is a real asset for any company who needs a proper digital strategy and good content !"

Olivier Darnay, Managing Director of DataSource

Why should you consider working with us?

Educate by being fully transparent

While most agencies will only do as told, leaving the actual brain work with the client - we truly cater to your needs by being your strategic and execution partner. We are passionate about content marketing and are eager to let you in on exactly why, how, and what we are doing to aid your business objectives every step of the way. 

Help manage expectations

You might work for a company and was tasked to find a content marketing service provider. However, it soon becomes extremely difficult for you to manage upper management expectations and answer their questions because you're not a content marketer yourself. We are experienced in reporting and can be involved with team meetings to clearly explain the work, the process, and anticipated results.

Specific and irreplaceable expertise

Most agencies in Hong Kong say they do content marketing, but what they really do is content creation and traditional/ social media marketing. Our end-to-end expertise and content marketing experiences are at a global level - as proven by the awards and recognitions we have received from media, organizations, and clients. We are here to offer genuine content marketing services, not a mish-mash of online marketing tactics.

What's the difference between pay-for-access versus pay-for-work/ retainer program?

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 4.16.58 PM.png


We treat pay-for-access as a fractional content marketer, and we treat pay-for work/ retainer programs as a content marketing agency.

What's the difference between hiring an in house content marketer and outsourcing content marketing to a service provider?


Source: Jon Matar

In-house ensures industry knowledge and a deep understanding of your brand, while outsourcing allows you to enjoy marketing expertise. 
Though the approval process moves slower when outsourcing, your third-party service provider should have a better edge in distributing your content to the right audience. 

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Content Marketing Programs

Working together

As you know, Joyce founded Joyce Tsang Content Marketing to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create their content strategy and educate them on content distribution through social media and digital marketing. 

We have decided to focus on this group of target clients because we are also a small business. We know the struggle and experience it first hand. 

To maintain a happy relationship with our clients, we state and make our boundaries very clear. As you strive for your business's success, we do the same for our business. We demand our client's respect for our time and effort, as we promise to value the progress of your brand as much as you do. We do not do unpaid speculative work and we expect our clients to be prepared for calls by having a list of questions or a particular agenda to ensure effective communications. 

Because for the good we claim to happen, work from both sides must be done. 

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