See your growth.


Know what data to measure to indicate marketing success 

Justify your efforts now

Outsource the heavy-lifting to me for 9-months

Comprehensive programs to build your brand with tailored strategies, organic content, and paid efforts.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing's unified structure is the common framework we provide for all clients wanting to invest in content marketing. 

To personalize the plan, clients can add on items (much like the concept of Hong Kong cart noodles) of their choice, with guidance and suggestions from our expert team.

We claim this process not through mere assumptions but from our expertise in the field. We have studied common client problems, global benchmarks, and best practices through repeated observations and applications to formulate such a plan. 

The Codify Retainer Program

Plan Type
Q1 - Organic
Q2 - Paid
Q3 - Funnel

*The minimum engagement is at HKD $18,000 per month with a contract commitment of 9 months

Available add on items

Apart from the items mentioned in the programs above, clients can also inquire and select the following add ons.

Website set up, optimisation, rework, redesign, health check and more

Content creation including lead magnets, email newsletters, graphics, videos, and more

Campaign execution, strategy, pitching and more

What brands are suitable for the programs?

The programs are designed to make you feel more comfortable because you will know what to expect. 

You'll no longer be stuck in every day executions, rather, start understanding the bigger picture of what content can do for you.

You'll start seeing organic growth without doing the stuff you're doing now for the sake of doing it. 

You'll start to understand how other people did it, know what questions to ask, what metrics to measure, and how to justify your efforts. 

Moreover, you'll start seeing your improvement in your ROI because leads are attracted organically!

So if you want to enjoy the things mentioned, the program is for you.

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Our clients

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Working together

As you know, Joyce founded Joyce Tsang Content Marketing to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create their content strategy and educate them on content distribution through social media and digital marketing. 

We have decided to focus on this group of target clients because we are also a small business. We know the struggle and experience it first hand. 

To maintain a happy relationship with our clients, we state and make our boundaries very clear. As you strive for your business's success, we do the same for our business. We demand our client's respect for our time and effort, as we promise to value the progress of your brand as much as you do. We do not do unpaid speculative work and we expect our clients to be prepared for calls by having a list of questions or a particular agenda to ensure effective communications. 

Because for the good we claim to happen, hard work from both sides must be done.