3 Startups that got me buying without using anything other than content

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on case studies of moving leads down the funnel

Ask yourself this: would you purchase the products you represent if you saw the content you produced? It's sad, but more than likely, the answer is no


Because you don't truly believe in the products, you have your own skepticisms, and you are aware of the products by your competitors.

The difference with startups is that the people in the company are more likely to have had a say in the development of the product. They saw the stages it went through, they feel like they have a stake in it, and so, their level of belief in the product is much higher. This, in turn, allows them to create highly authentic content that is honest, direct, and easy to understand. People can tell how confident the brand is with their products. Here are some successful examples, which has converted me into a customer myself:

i) Nuraphones

What was most spectacular with their content is their smart use of UGC (User generated content). They created long-form videos on Youtube like above, they broke them down into snippets as ads on Facebook, and overall, those organic review videos created by the community all showcased a consistent "Oh wow" reaction.

Though the appearance, the specifics, and their unique hearing profile ability were all quality USPs (Unique selling points), those weren't the elements that scored the purchase from me.

Their content, which were focused on arousing and boosting curiosity, was effective in moving cold leads (like myself, who was not looking for a headphone at the time) down their sales funnel. After feeding me a series of different reactionary videos, they got me with a discount code and I became a customer.

ii) Moment

For those who know, Moment is founded by Erik Hedberg, who is an avid adventurer himself. With co-founder, entrepreneur Marc Barros, they produce amazing quality iPhone lenses. This duo really knows what tools can solve photography/ videography problems.

They don't just help the community with products, rather, with an endless stream of quality content.

I have been a big fan of their youtube videos, but I didn't have an impulse to purchase. This is why e-commerce and EDM must work closely with content marketing in order to convert leads.

I was notified via email on their Christmas bundles, and landed on their informative website about the product. I went back to Youtube to find specific tutorials and reviews, and their videos inspired me as to what I can do with the products.

iii) Cuddle + Kind

There are so many dolls out there, and they can be quite expensive. What customers need is a nudge on why their buck is worth the spend. This is why the consistent messaging of "for every ethically produced, hand-knit doll sold, we provide 10 meals to children in need" by Cuddle + Kind is so important and effective.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on case studies of moving leads down the funnel cuddle+kind

Even though I didn't purchase from their Pinterest account, I definitely landed on their page during my research stage. The consistency across all of their platforms made it very reassuring. It built a strong brand recognition, and has successfully built trust for a new customer like me. The idea of giving out free meals is strongly tied to the brand, and you can see the message across almost all of their posts on social media.

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