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4 things you need to ace Marketing now (and it’s not the 4Ps)!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on 4 things you need to ace Marketing now

If you have studied Business or any other related courses, the 4Ps of product, promotion, place, the price would not be strange to you. Even though they remain to be important things to consider, I have something completely different to offer you instead to ace marketing now.

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As a firm believer of Inbound Marketing, where attraction is your currency and content is your tool, the idea of converting target audiences into potential customers is no longer just a one-way blast from the brand. It requires a much more thought-out plan to tackle all of the different touch points we have today.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Fast fact

Key Takeaway

Rather than creating content to force-feed into your target audiences, content nowadays is supposed to help your target audiences express themselves. Anything from a tote bag or a branded mug can also be a piece of content. However, it can no longer drive much brand recognition just by itself. The key is that any brand content should be valuable and functional.

The magic in Inbound Marketing is that relationships are no longer linear, they are symbiotic. Your target audiences have just as much, if not more say in how your brand should be seen. They can influence your content, just as much as you can influence theirs. Once you ace Inbound Marketing, you are integrated into your target audience’s lives, earning not just their seal of approval but also the potential of being proudly featured on their social media platforms. This is how marketing today helps you naturally and automatically churn more potential leads into the funnel.

So, ready to get started?


1. You need a strategic mindset to ace marketing now

Ideas on paper - Strategic Mindset
Acing Marketing Now - Strategic Mindset

Don’t give in to short-term goals, rather, use them as stages to learn how to achieve big, long-term goals. The majority of your brand’s content should be created to attract attention, so you need to stop obsessing over the number of direct sales generated from a post. Your content is there to help target audiences solve problems and make them remember and trust you. All your efforts will accumulate into a collective effect, so don't go around chasing for little boosts of no-return sales here and there.

2. You should have a framework

And this should always revolve around your target audience's persona. Everything you decide to create, whether it be your key messaging platform, content strategy, touchpoints, platforms, and your content funnel, should be based on the common ground between what you can offer and what your target audiences want.

3. You know what your metrics and performances are

This is like knowing your P&L. You should be super clear on how much you are earning monetarily, as well as how much you are earning online. You should have a distinctive set of key performance indicators, AKA KPI, for each of the platforms you are using. You should be using these metrics to refine your content. This is how you can identify content patterns based on performances such as engagement rate, impression, and reach.

4. You should be building a community

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on building a community

Media coverage and awards can be cool, but they are very much tools for growing trust in the past. Now, trust is built through communities. It can be through influencers, curators, creators, collaborators, and much more. You should always be thinking about pulling your community together and growing them with your marketing efforts. This will not only increase your brand's awareness but can also effectively differentiate your brand.

These four things are what I find vital in marketing now. They can be applied in digital, content, and social media marketing too. If you wish to learn more about this, I have created a specific checklist for you to go through!

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Inbound Marketing Checklist
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Inbound Marketing Checklist

See if you are doing your marketing right with my Inbound Marketing Crash Course - How to identify, attract, and convert your target audiences into customers with content on Register for the course to get the detailed downloadable checklist on these 4 elements!

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