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The Entrepreneur Log #34 - January 2024 - Starting the new year right

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - The Entrepreneur Log #34 - January 2024 - Starting the new year right
The Entrepreneur Log #34 - January 2024 - Starting the new year right

There haven't been many photo moments this past month, mainly because I've been completely absorbed in my work. In fact, I believe I've already surpassed my overtime quota for this quarter.

In addition to my usual client work, I've also been juggling my content operations, striving to find efficient ways to repurpose all the assets I have and fill up my content calendar with minimal effort. Although it has proven to be time-consuming, I consider it a sign of personal growth.

Ultimately, if it weren't for the vast amount of content I've created over the past three years and my eagerness to scale up, I wouldn't be swamped with work this month. The goal is to prepare my business for a better new year.

ii) Starting the new year right - Building Client Loyalty


i) Starting the new year right - Continuing and Doubling Down on Educational Initiatives

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Continuing and Doubling Down on Educational Initiatives
Continuing and Doubling Down on Educational Initiatives

If you've been around, you're familiar with my standard practice. However, what has changed is that I now plan to engage in more of these educational activities. It all started when I met some young minority girls at one of my high school workshops with the Cocoon Foundation. They personally invited me to check out their first DIY market stall, and that experience made me realize there's so much more I can do.

While this is already a part of my yearly plan, I haven't started researching which organizations or individuals I should reach out to. If you have any suggestions for educational bodies seeking mentors, speakers, or volunteers, feel free to message me through the chatbot located at the bottom right!

Regarding my recent high school visit, I made an interesting discovery specific to their school. Their students are concerned about the future prospects of visual art graduates, which happens to be my field of expertise. As a result, the conversations we had during the session were quite different from what I typically encounter at other schools.

ii) Building Client Loyalty

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Building Client Loyalty
Building Client Loyalty

After 3 years in business, I am starting to see the secondary ripples of my efforts. Instead of naturally reaching audiences in the US and Hong Kong, I'm noticing audiences popping up in unexpected places like Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, thanks to my social media tools. Additionally, I'm delighted to see my ex-clients connecting with each other online and using their platforms to give positive feedback about my work.

While I don't believe in constantly upselling or cross-selling to existing clients, as it may not be suitable for my service, I do feel that my current service framework allows clients to navigate between different offerings more easily. This facilitates longer work relationships with them.

Of course, this is only beneficial to me if I genuinely enjoy working with the client. It's gratifying to witness how my content has helped me attract high-quality leads who come to me already familiar with my work and trust me without requiring extensive back-and-forth communication. As I continue my role as the Fractional CMO for MPower Technologies, I look forward to building my portfolio with compelling case studies featuring remarkable individuals like Dan on the team. In the new year, I hope to provide value to more clients, fostering tight-knit working relationships that give me the opportunity to submit my work to various marketing competitions that have been reaching out.

iii) Advancing My Knowledge through the EMBA Program

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Advancing My Knowledge through the EMBA Program
Advancing My Knowledge through the EMBA Program

My EMBA program has become a natural habit for me, where I dedicate my Mondays to studying. I have already completed three exams and three projects, and now I'm embarking on a three-week long specialization period, which is incredibly exciting.

In the new year, my goal is to apply the skills I've acquired in the program to real-life situations.

One particularly fulfilling experience I had this past month was exploring business takeovers. Not only is this something I had never considered before, but I'm also using a completely different perspective to assess my options. Instead of solely focusing on vanity numbers and basic financial accounts, I have put my EMBA-acquired skills to the test. I calculate project viability using metrics like NPV and IRR.

I hope to utilize these skills to secure my first opportunity as an investor, enabling me to grow my financials and expand my business capabilities beyond being solely Joyce Tsang, a solopreneur content marketing service provider.

iv) Organizing Everything for Full Blast Post-CNY

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Organizing Everything for Full Blast Post-CNY
Organizing Everything for Full Blast Post-CNY

Aside from the fact that there's a lot to be done, which includes justifying the need for additional help in Joyce Tsang Content Marketing, such as subscribing to more online tools, delegating the task of SEO to someone else, and having another person take care of my digital PR outreaches, there's another reason as well - CNY is approaching.

It has been a long time since I took a vacation holiday, and that is one of my goals for this year - to go on a trip with my husband, if not two. To achieve that, I need to ensure everything is ready and set up for me to step away from the business. It won't be easy, and honestly, I'm not sure how it will work at the moment, but I'm determined to make it happen. I just need a bit more time to research, calculate, and start outsourcing tasks!

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