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Starting a Side Business VI - 3 reasons why your content performance isn't improving!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Starting my side business - Why isn't my content performance improving?
Starting my side business - Why isn't my content performance improving?

Not seeing content performance improve? You're not the only one!

Many business owners look at content creation in a vacuum. They come up with content ideas based on their own preferences and select platforms based on what everyone else uses. They often forget to ask themselves if what they have created is, in fact, appropriate for the distribution platform. That results in their content standing out like a sore thumb in the newsfeed, unable to grab attention, and, worse yet, creating a negative brand image amongst their target audiences.

i) Your branded content should look like organic user content

It's nice to have polished visuals and copy-written text, however, they don't promise better performance. More than often, they actually result in worse performances. Audiences nowadays are fans of authentic and raw content that they can easily consume. Making things look prettier than it is may lead to audience skepticism, causing them to wonder if it's because the brand is trying to hide something behind the aesthetically pleasing visuals.

  • Show your behind-the-scenes. You don't have to show professional product shots to raise awareness of your product. Photos and videos of product development, samples, and production can be, if not more, effective in capturing interest.

  • Include faces. Most platforms algorithmically prefer visuals that include faces. Instead of hiding behind your products and services, show yourself and your team in your content to drive better performance!

  • Collaborate with others. Don't shy away from tagging others and posting photos that showcase your community. It makes the tagged parties feel valued and allows your content to reach new networks outside your circle.

ii) Certain formats simply work better on certain platforms

Some friends are listeners, and some are party-goers. Similarly with platforms, some platforms are better at driving organic reach, while others are better at capturing leads with high intention. Knowing how to lean into these benefits while creating content can make a difference to your content performance.

  • You need to include specific words if the platform is good at searching. There's no point uploading a jpeg with text on top when the platform is looking for keywords.

  • You need to focus on the perfecting the visual if the platform favors it over words. There's no point spending a lot of time creating a copy if people are only there for the visual. Perhaps your visual needs to convey more information, or you just need more visuals to reinforce the message.

  • You need to look at the lengths of your content based on audience behavior on the platform. Posting a 30-minute long video on a platform where people often spend less than 15 seconds watching a piece of content is a waste of your time and effort.

iii) One size does not fit all

Brands need to create content according to the platform, just as dressing accordingly to an event. But it's not always about buying a new outfit. Sometimes, it's about mastering the skills of mix-and-match.

  • URL links. Some platforms allow readers to click through a URL hyperlink and others do not. For platforms that don't, there's no need to include a hyperlink in the copy. Instead, point your audiences somewhere else for them to take action.

  • Dimensions. Some platforms favor 16:9, while others prefer a 1:1 square crop. Make sure your visual assets are shot and cropped accordingly so you don't compensate your audience's content experience.

  • The structure of the text. Some platforms have a "read more" cut off by the second line, while others do not. Space out your copy accordingly, and make sure your full hook shows up before your reader clicks for the post to expand.

It's a lot of work! But there's a way to tackle them all.

If the content and its distribution channel are mismatched, it can jeopardize the performance of the content.

To select the appropriate platform and enjoy the merits of content marketing, one should base their distribution channel selection on the content’s format (videos should go on YouTube, but short videos? IG Reels), as well as the content’s position in the content funnel. For example, a long-form article might not be effective in captivating first-time audiences but can be highly effective at calling audiences who are already interested in the brand to action.

Learn the skills you need, get your questions answered, and explore your full potential with us here.

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