Target like a pro without fidgeting with demographies!

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on targeting like a pro

Those who are in marketing or advertising will often hear companies and brands say:

"Our target audience is x age, x status, living in x." or "Our brand is for x generation."

While these announcements are often responded with nods and okays, let me ask you the following question - Would you, therefore, deny the purchase of a person who does not fit those prerequisites?

Of course not!

Start looking at market segmentations differently

The demographics of your target audience should be nothing more than just a broad idea of who you want to speak to. The details should be in identifying the mentality shared by your pool of customers. (This relates back to my previous article on "Customers are not interested in your product, They are interested in solving a problem.")

A great example is fashionable elderly couples.

I can guarantee you that most of the brands they wear do not consider them as their target audiences. But I can also guarantee you that the behaviours, pain points, and interests identified by these brands are shared by this pool of ignored customers. Now, imagine your brand targeted mentalities, instead of demographies.

Imagine your content focused on showcasing how your product answers to a mentality,

  • Your distribution targeted behaviours instead of age

  • Your topics are truly relatable because it's not just about "buy, buy, buy"

  • And you're presenting a lifestyle, not just an item...

Learn to use content to make all your potential customers feel welcomed, instead of feeling like they don't belong because all your communications feel too young/ too old/ too x for them!

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