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The Entrepreneur Log #37 - May 2024 - Growing my Business

Updated: Jul 3

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing The Entrepreneur Log #27 - May 2024 - Growing my Business
The Entrepreneur Log #27 - May 2024 - Growing my Business

It has been an eventful month, juggling between managing Joyce Tsang Content Marketing, hosting a three-day event, and keeping up with my monthly educational initiatives. Reflecting on it, the experience was truly memorable, but also incredibly challenging. Although I had moments of worry, such as the fear of low attendance at my bubble tea shop's rebrand event and concerns about the impact of rainy weather, we ended up facing unexpected challenges because nearly 100 people showed up on the first day.

My husband had to step in at the cashier, our interim operations manager took charge of making drinks, and I found myself rushing around, greeting guests and new customers in a frantic manner. The event wasn't flawless (our ice machine struggled to keep up with demand, leading us to buy ice last minute), but it marked a significant milestone achieved.

In the grand scheme of things, this is only the beginning. I now face the task of managing and growing two businesses, with a team of six instead of just myself. It's remarkable how much has changed in the past quarter.


i) Growing My Business: Getting Featured

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Growing My Business: Getting Featured
Growing My Business: Getting Featured

Around this time last year, I had the honor of being nominated and selected as one of the finalists for the WICMA Freelancer of the Year Award. Although I didn't win, this year brings a new opportunity as I have been chosen to be one of the judges for the 2024 awards. It's truly remarkable to witness how I have built a personal brand that extends worldwide, gradually proving that the hard work I've put in over the past four years has been worthwhile. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the exceptional work by the finalists, as they will undoubtedly inspire me as well.

In addition, my interview with TED speaker Getrude Matshe, where I shared my life story of transitioning from a full-time dancer to an entrepreneur, is now live. It feels surreal to see my face featured on her channels, especially considering I had previously watched her TED talk before having the opportunity to engage with her one-on-one. One day, I aspire to achieve a similar level of impact and leave a lasting legacy of my own.

Last but not least, I am thrilled to announce that the Motivator Music team, my steadfast supporters, has appointed me as the latest speaker for their brand, Conference Anthem. It is a true honor to be recognized by individuals like yourself, all the way from the United States, where there are numerous exceptional local speakers.

ii) Creating Memorable Events: Hosting Engaging Gatherings

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Creating Memorable Events: Hosting Engaging Gatherings
Creating Memorable Events: Hosting Engaging Gatherings

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the rebranded launch event for my bubble tea shop, 2324, has been incredibly exciting. Following that, I showcased our products at two other events, one of which was the latest edition of Tram and Jam by Geniefriends.

To be completely honest, I initially didn't expect to find joy in doing deliveries. However, both my husband and I ended up thoroughly enjoying the experience. It's a unique feeling when you witness people holding and savoring your products. It brings a profound sense of fulfillment to the heart.

iii) Igniting Inspiration: Empowering and Motivating Others

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing -Igniting Inspiration: Empowering and Motivating Others
Igniting Inspiration: Empowering and Motivating Others

No matter how busy I am each month, I make it a priority to connect with young individuals and share my knowledge. In May, I participated in the career fair organized by Inspiring Girls as a "human library," and I also attended the career speed dating event by Matchbox as a hiring company. To my astonishment, 10 students expressed their interest in working at Joyce Tsang Content Marketing. It certainly didn't hurt to mention that they would have the opportunity to create content while enjoying a cup of bubble tea with me.

iv) Expanding the Team: Hiring My Exceptional Executive Assistant

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Expanding the Team: Hiring My Exceptional Executive Assistant
Expanding the Team: Hiring My Exceptional Executive Assistant

And finally, the key to accomplishing so much within limited time is effective delegation. Previously, I had freelancers working on projects with me under a teamlancing model. However, due to the impact of COVID, the projects became too small to outsource, and I found myself working alone most of the time again. However, once I knew I was expanding and acquiring the bubble tea business, hiring a capable assistant became my top priority.

My first executive assistant is a student I met through a program at CoCoon Foundation two years ago. Now that she has graduated, it made perfect sense for us to reconnect. Since she is eager to learn more about marketing and potentially build her career in that field, training her on various tasks has been a seamless process. She has already had a significant positive impact on my daily life, relieving me of the burden of dealing with the numerous emails I receive each day. I can now trust that they are in good hands.

Life is bound to become more challenging from this point forward. There is a lot of work to be done in marketing the bubble tea shop, as well as numerous content repurposing and BOFU (bottom of the funnel) initiatives to master for Joyce Tsang Content Marketing. Hopefully, I will be able to close deals with several of the leads I currently have, enabling me to better plan and forecast my finances and maximize growth opportunities for both of my businesses. Stay tuned, and I would love to hear from all of you!


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