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The Entrepreneur Log #35 - February 2024 - Further Growing my Personal Brand

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - The Entrepreneur Log #35 - February 2024
The Entrepreneur Log #35 - February 2024

In the past month, I have been deeply influenced by the book "Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant." It has brought a stark reality to my attention. Regardless of how successful I become in building Joyce Tsang Content Marketing as a solopreneur, I will always be the sole worker behind the brand. The better I am at my job, the more work I accumulate.

While I have been leading a comfortable life, balancing work and personal matters since the end of last year, I have come to realize that I have been hindering the growth of my income. I have become too complacent, enjoying the flexibility of my working hours and lacking the ambition to scale my business. I simply wanted to attract clients who appreciate my work.

Although I understand that there are ways to transform Joyce Tsang Content Marketing into a conventional agency, I do not wish for that to happen. However, if I want to continue doing what I love as a solopreneur, I must acknowledge that I need to explore other ventures that I am willing to scale and willingly step away from to allow them to run independently.

To achieve this, I have made the following decisions:


i) Focus on further growing my personal brand

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Focus on further growing my personal brand
Focus on further growing my personal brand

While growing my personal brand is directly linked to driving more traction to Joyce Tsang Content Marketing, it can also open up new opportunities for me. It has always been a dream of mine to travel the world as a keynote speaker, sharing my insights and expertise with others both within and outside the industry.

While providing services may limit me to pay-for-access or pay-for-work models, focusing on growing my presence can help me build a community and even attract a crowd that is willing to pay to hear my thoughts. I acknowledge that this will be a long journey, and there is much more work to be done. However, I am committed to creating more content and optimizing it by engaging with third-party service providers and utilizing tools to enhance my website and repurpose my existing assets.

Some exciting things have happened in the past month. I earned the Top Content Marketing Voice badge on LinkedIn after dedicating countless hours to contributing to LinkedIn articles. I also had the privilege of working with an exceptional SEO expert who helped me review my website. It was particularly rewarding to hear him commend the fantastic job I had already done with my website, with only minor technical fixes needed.

Furthermore, I have revisited my previous podcast interviews, video clips, and media coverage, using AI tools to repurpose them into fresh content. If you're interested in learning about the specific tools I utilized, I covered that in my latest VIP email newsletter.

ii) Learn from other storytellers

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Learn from other storytellers
Learn from other storytellers

Through attending a recent GenieFriends dinner, where I had the opportunity to connect with other content creators, I gained valuable insights into different monetization strategies. While I was impressed by the rapid growth in engagement and followers experienced by popular YouTubers within just a year, I also engaged in conversations with a successful agency owner.

Although our business models differed significantly, I noticed that he had a clear understanding of his target audience and effectively delegated tasks he didn't enjoy to his team members. This allowed him to dedicate more time to what he loves, which is teaching, without compromising his income. Witnessing and hearing about his achievements firsthand provided me with a clearer vision for the direction I want to take my own business.

iii) Mentor more students

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Mentor more students
Mentor more students

And as always, I made sure to stay connected to my passion - educating the younger generation. Recently, I participated in the new Matchbox program and app developed by the Cocoon Foundation. Through this initiative, I was paired with a high school student who was grappling with various life decisions.

During our one-hour consultation session, as I offered advice and guidance to her, I couldn't help but reflect on my own personal growth over the years. One particular piece of advice that resonated with me was encouraging her to ask questions when she didn't know how to respond to someone's inquiry.

In life, we often assume that we must provide an immediate answer to be valuable. However, more often than not, asking the right questions to help guide the other person in understanding their own needs and desires can be just as helpful. It was incredibly fulfilling to witness the positive impact I had on this young individual, providing her with actionable steps to tackle future situations where she feels confused or faced with different inquiries.

iv) Diversify my income

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Diversify my income
Diversify my income

Last but certainly not least, the most significant development this month has been my decision to actively seek out other business ventures to invest in. While I must admit that I am somewhat protective of Joyce Tsang Content Marketing, as it serves as a safe haven for me to pursue my passion and earn a living simultaneously, I recognize the importance of exploring additional opportunities for personal growth.

Having acquired valuable knowledge in business administration through my EMBA program, it would be a waste not to apply these skills to a real-world venture. Now that the wheels are in motion, I am eagerly anticipating how my expertise can contribute to scaling and expanding a business. My goal is to establish a venture that I can eventually step away from, allowing systems to take my place, while still taking immense pride in calling it my own.

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