The #1 thing that makes or breaks any entrepreneur without the entrepreneur doing anything wrong

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

"In starting a small business, many entrepreneurs feel the need to do it all."
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on The #1 thing that makes or breaks any entrepreneur
"However, the do-it-yourself mindset can quickly become a significant barrier to success, as many entrepreneurs have difficulty delegating and outsourcing once their business grows. Becoming a successful entrepreneur often requires a dramatic shift in mindset."

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on The #1 thing that makes or breaks any entrepreneur CNBC
"Relying on experts for professional advice can seem foreign for many aspiring entrepreneurs. This kind of thinking is a big mistake. Often, you can’t afford not to have the help and guidance they can provide. You don’t need to hire them on as staff. You could just consult with these professionals when you need them." - Dr. Brad Klontz, financial psychologist for CNBC

We all only have 24 hours in a day, but I have spent the past nine years crafting my skills so much that I can guarantee you I only need half of the time you use (or even less) on creating a piece of content or a professional content strategy.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the value of attention and time. I pride myself on providing a completely transparent collaboration process, effective and efficient facilitation, and useful consultations to all of my clients.

Simply schedule your free 30-minute diagnosis session with me and ask me any digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing questions you have. I will be able to give you professional insights and advice on the spot, guaranteed!

In the call, we will go through:

- What you are looking for

- What solutions I can provide

- Q&A on what strategies are

- Follow up with a tailored 3-month package and quotation

Make better use of your time. Speak soon.

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