Start doing real content marketing by not doing this one simple thing

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

People seem to lose their logic when it comes to the online world. No, I’m not talking about cyberbullying, I’m actually referring to content marketing.

For some reason, brands think that by using all of the platforms out there, they are deemed for, or is closer to, success. They get hyped up by the ideas of viral content, free platforms, engagement rates, and large followings, and completely forget that using content is far from the very definition of utilizing content.

Let me give you a highly relatable example — good PR.

What you should not do with good PR

When a brand gets a piece of amazing coverage about them, they want to share it.

However, base on what factors do you believe that:

  • Your Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Twitter/ Instagram/ Pinterest/ TikTok/ EDM/ Blog community all wants to see it?

  • Why are you spending all these time building all of these channels if the bulk of your content is just good PR?

  • Not to mention, is that piece of good PR doing more for the company than just giving the team a good feeling? If not, why isn’t it just circulated as an in-house newsletter?

Adaptation of content for it to be technically appropriate for different platforms is just the mere beginning. Brands seem to have forgotten that the topic is just as important. You can’t just force feed communities with news that you have because you like it. That idea on its own is actually no different than a brand doing leaflets, print, poster, OOH, radio, television, direct mail, and everything else, all at the same time. It’s burning away your audiences’ attention, and attention is gold in content marketing.

Therefore, stop lying to yourself, and stop creating content for the sake of creating them.

What should you be doing with your content?

Think about the topics you are truly capable of talking about. Align them with the platform which hosts a community likely to be interested in it. Craft your posts with an objective that the platform can help you achieve. If it shows no performance, see if your paid social strategy can help. If it can’t, move on!

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