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Starting a Side Business III - 3 reasons why your content is not getting engagement!

Updated: May 22, 2023

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing - Starting my side business - why aren't people engaging with my content?
Starting my side business - why aren't people engaging with my content?

Not getting engagement? You're not the only one!

Many people get super motivated in creating content when they first start their business but soon feel highly defeated when the content generates little to no engagement. Creating content that encourages interaction is not easy unless the creator changes their mindset when creating content.

i) Content is to give, not to get

If you create content just to get something from your audiences, you're off to a bad start. Audiences can sense hard-sell copies miles away. They are not interested in self-promotion either. Their ads-blocking radar is hot, and it takes skills to get onto their feed, let alone attract their attention and encourage engagement.

  • Create content to express. When you express yourself, it attract like-minded individuals. They read your content because they feel connected with your thoughts, not because they want you to sell them something in the end.

  • Create content to interact. When you talk to a stranger offline, you don't plan for them to give you something at the end of the conversation. You naturally converse because you're both waiting for the bus or is lining up to check out. Creating content with such a mentality makes your content much more natural and impactful.

  • Create content to share. Perhaps you saw something interesting, read something enlightening, or received a piece of helpful advice. Sharing this content reveals to others who you are and encourages following because audiences want to see what you might share next.

iii) Content is to help, not to sell

Sometimes, people get very protective of what they know. They are reluctant to share tips and tricks they've learned. Yet, that's what they would like to find online. People are constantly in information-gathering mode. And by fulfilling that desire, you can easily attract attention.

  • Educate others with your content. Share your expertise, give people interesting facts.

  • Provide explanations with your content. Don't just tell them what you know, but explain how you know it. Give them resources, provide quotes, share links. The list can go on.

  • Offer suggestions with your content. You don't need to formulate a complete set of solutions to give people suggestions. Tell them your own experience and how you managed to fix your problems. Provide them with your insights and welcome discussion.

iii) Content is to attract, not to disrupt

Don't create content that is like an ad in a game. Create content that is entertaining on its own. It doesn't have to be a fancy post. Think of the viral tweets and stories people have shared online. They are all highly successful at attracting eyeballs.

  • Tap into an emotion. If it is a sad story, evoke empathy in your audiences. If it is a silly incident, try and make your audience laugh.

  • Be transparent. Don't hold off certain details in a story just because it might be embarrassing to share. Audiences know when you're not giving them the whole picture. Be okay to be vulnerable. Show your mistakes, and share your laughter.

  • Think about the presentation. Things do not have to be polished, yet the right format can elevate your story. Does your content have to be in words, or would it be better as a short video? Does it need a narrator, or can the visual well express what you want to say?

It's a lot of work! But there's a way to tackle them all.

Content marketing is an effective way to drive audience engagement because the content is created to provide answers to the target audience’s problems, desires, interests, and struggles.

Therefore, the content becomes relatable, which, in turn, encourages the audience to remember and interact with you. Audiences feel understood and are likelier to trust you, helping you stand out from your competition.

Learn the skills you need, get your questions answered, and explore your full potential with us here.

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