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The Entrepreneur Log #8 - November 2021 Review

Updated: May 31, 2023

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing November Review

November is probably the month that passed by the fastest for me. It feels like I'm only 2 weeks in, but the fact is we're already approaching the new year.

My November was filled with opportunities, one of which has inspired me to think more about giving back to the community - on top of the free resources and educational things I provide.

The story goes I was put in touch with Jo Soo-Tang, the founder of Cookie Smiles, and a renowned philanthropist and entrepreneur in Hong Kong. She has a series of amazing charity events coming up and was in need of some content marketing help. As her initiatives are all for a good cause, I decided to rise up to the task and offer her a small social media campaign, completely free of charge.

Though the workflow is the same as how it would be for a paying client, the reward (now just 2 posts and 1 advertisement in) is very different. It is my pleasure to hear from her that our efforts have already generated new awareness, much more organic engagement, and even sales!


1. Giving back to the community with content

Jo Soo Tang Cookie Smiles NGO

I am pleased to have the opportunity to give back to the community by assisting her social enterprise and am delighted that she understands the difference in performance between having a target audience persona and not. Her initiative would not have gained such organic traction if it was announced just as a generic event call-to-action. Instead, we tried our best to attract those with a new angle, showcasing the culinary experts alongside their gingerbread men.

2. Guest speaker at Hong Kong high school

Apart from working on a project like that, I have also been giving back as a guest speaker at CoCoon Foundation's STEP programs - Entrepreneurship @ 21st Century workshop. It was very fulfilling to share my journey with 155 high school students. In addition, speaking to a crowd as young as they are is completely different from teaching adults at HKU Space, and that was a lovely experience.

Cocoon Foundation STEP Entrepreneurship @ 21 Century

For those who are interested, click here to check out a video snippet of my sharing. Education will only continue to be a prominent aspect of Joyce Tsang Content Marketing, and there is indeed a lot of support we can give to our future generations.

And as a teaser, I will be involved in another professional sharing next month, so stay tuned!

Apart from doing talks hosted by different collaborative organizations, I also do the same within my organization. For those who know, I have been hiring in the past several months. Though the hunt for my content manager continues, I have been able to connect with trusted content creators and assist them in growing on the job.

3. Teamlancing achievement

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Team Testimonial

Knowing that my content creators enjoy their work and can consistently grow is highly important for me. That is because I felt the lack of such a mentor figure in my previous jobs myself. I know I would have been able to work much more effectively and efficiently if there was such a person in the working environment, so I take this quite personally and strive to provide this for my team members the best I can.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing has experienced immense growth this past month. We have now grown to four retainer clients, with several more to be confirmed. To combat the influx of work, I have invested in an online content platform. Several team members will be attending training in the upcoming month. That is how we can ensure quality and efficiency in our content production and our content operations.

4. One-Month Intense Content Funnel Program

Last but not least, there is something that deserves a shout-out this month. And that is the launch of our new One-Month Intense Program, which involves creating a target audience persona-driven landing page for our client. Hong Kong's official distributor for Goli was the first to acquire the service, and their results have been highly promising.

Another landing page is currently in the making, so come back to see it live in my upcoming review!

In any case, I hope you are also seeing success in your business this end of the year. Don't forget to put time aside to assess your goals, not just the ones related to revenue, but the personal ones, the ones that motivated you to start your business in the first place.

- Joyce


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