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The Entrepreneur Log #9 - December 2021 Review

Updated: May 31, 2023

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing December 2021 review

How was your December? Mine involved some slower times, for which I used to review and reflect on my 2021. In the past two weeks, I have spent a good amount of time assessing my benchmarks, looking into patterns, and setting goals for 2022. To my surprise, this focused thinking process was as intense as it was fruitful.

In any case, December has been a month of clarity for the branding of Joyce Tsang Content Marketing. I had to make some difficult decisions on declining both leads and clients. I've recognized that though I strive to become partners for entrepreneurs and small business owners alike, I myself, am also an entrepreneur. That means time is limited, and I only want to invest in relationships that are compatible with my company's core beliefs.

The most important thing is I've come to understand that it is okay. It is okay to be blunt and clear while remaining professional. And that has been a hard but vital learning process that I would not trade with anything else. Perhaps, that is what will set me apart from my competition in the long run.


1. Networking & PR

With that said, now I have gained confidence to make bigger decisions for my brand. I am ready to dive all in to achieve growth. Apart from having my team of freelance content creators, I have recently taken on two new freelance additions to the company - a PR representative, and an Admin representative. The two of them are key in helping Joyce Tsang Content Marketing grow.

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing ANR Networking event

For those who follow me on Instagram, you would already know my PR representative by the name of Jane, and that we have attended a networking event together. On top of that, she has also created the first set of bilingual press releases for Joyce Tsang Content Marketing, which has just been blasted out to local media. Our goal is to raise awareness not just on my company, but also on the importance of companies and freelancers to adopt content marketing.

2. Podcast feature on my content marketing insights

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing December 2021 Press Release Podcast Clients

My organic content has also been working like a charm. It has attracted yet another feature inquiry, where I shared content marketing insights on CareerHow - a podcast hosted by Hong Kong consultant, Dominus Mok. It was a lovely experience to speak on someone else's show and be valued for what I have to share.

3. Website optimization

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing SERP

Another thing that has taken over a lot of my time this month is the continuous improvement of my website, In order to prove to clients that a website is more than just a static window display, I had to make sure mine was up to par. Luckily, after all the hard work, the SERP of my website has seen a great jump. I am proud to say that the organic efforts of creating value-adding content is indeed the key to driving a website, and furthermore, business success. I am now closer to my goal of being off Google search ads, and I can't wait to achieve the same with my social media efforts. That way, Joyce Tsang Content Marketing does not have to rely on paid efforts to attract audiences.

4. Personal growth

Lastly, I have a specific piece of emotional and personal sharing. To this day, I still remember how angry and frustrated I was at my last job. I recall it being the most embarrassing experience of my life. I regret taking that job at all. However, that engrained memory is now being slowly eroded away by my current achievements. It's not easy being a content marketer. And being a content marketer working at a corporate rarely earns a justifiable salary when compared to the skills and workload involved. One of my goals for starting Joyce Tsang Content Marketing is to try and defeat such a cycle. To step out of my comfort zone and prove I am worth more. And I am proud to say I have done so, just at the end of 2021.

With 20 clients under my belt since I founded Joyce Tsang Content Marketing in November 2020, I have now surpassed the monthly salary I would have ever earned if I were to stay in a corporate job. I have used slightly over a year to achieve that. I am proud of myself but I know the journey does not stop here. There are only more hurdles to jump over in the future. But, I believe I can overcome what is to come, and I would love for you to witness, or to join, my journey in 2022.

- Joyce


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