The #1 reason why people fail to drive leads on social media

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

  • Your company is your baby, and you would do anything to make it successful.

  • You don't have a large budget, but you're looking for quality output.

  • You have a load of day-to-day business to deal with on top of devising your business strategy.

  • You're juggling between driving leads and trying to understanding the digital world...

So you reckon the best way is to snap some photos and start posting on Facebook and Instagram straight away.


That is exactly why you are not seeing conversions. It has nothing to do with the platform, and it may not have much to do with your content either.

It is because you do not have a strategy.

What are content, social media, and digital strategies?

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on why people fail to drive leads

Much like fishing, you can’t expect to use a random fish bait in the middle of the ocean and catch a big fish. You need the right length of fishing line, a professional rod, and strength. There are three specific strategies that all brands should have:

i) Content Strategy (what are your baits?)

Content Framework and pillars uniquely tailored to your brand in order to interest your target audiences.

ii) Social Media Strategy (river, lake, or ocean?)

The utilising of tools across different platforms to raise awareness, consideration, and conversion for your brand.

iii) Digital Marketing Strategy (which bait, on which line, for which location?)

The distribution of your content to your target audiences online via media plan and ad buying.

Want to learn more about the strategies and figure our which one you need specifically? Click here.

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