The #1 mistake everyone is making in Content Creation (including you!)

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on the number one mistake everyone is making in content creation

You squeeze out all of your creative juices trying to write a post. Your boss reads it and likes the post. You feel on track...

... until the post is live, and nothing happens.

Let's say:

  • Nothing is wrong with the copy,

  • The visual is on point,

  • You posted it according to the peak times of when your followers are online,

  • You utilized appropriate hashtags,

  • It has a clear CTA,

  • The product you're selling is genuinely helpful,

  • And it delivers the brand message

So, what went wrong?

Stop making this content creation mistake!

I can guarantee you 9 out of 10 times it is because your boss and yourself has mistakenly presumed that you belong in the target audience group. You think if the post interests you and is approved by the boss, it should interest your potential customers. This is not the case!

A superb content creator is like an actor/ actress. They know their target audience top to bottom through thorough research, and they are able to step into their shoes while they write. Unless your boss or yourself is the target audience, your subjective approval does not promise performance!

This is also why a lot of big brands have misunderstood why successful start-ups are successful. Being agile and responsive is important, but successful start-ups are successful because their founder is the target audience all along! Their brand is founded based on the need to solve a problem that they have.

Did I get you to rethink about your content now?

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