The Entrepreneur Log #12 - March 2022 Review

I haven't had the time to take a breather in the past two weeks. March was filled with tasks. Though I have traveled abroad, it wasn't as easy as jumping on a plane. I have been finalizing my Dubai trip bookings with Kelly, my helpful admin from Finesse Lifestyles over a month. I had to prepare for the 3-day long Marketing 2.0 Conference when I landed. And those 3-days sped past me. The first day was very much like a blur. I was talking to people, then the event started, and before I knew it, I was introduced on stage as a panelist and received my first ever marketing award abroad.

As I type this Entrepreneur Log entry at the quarantine hotel, I realize the trip has rejuvenated me as it sucked my energy. Everything in Dubai was so big. After months of working from home and living under the restrictions in Hong Kong, I cannot recall the last time I walked this much. Every day was "let's go see everything I can" and every night was "I can't feel my feet anymore".

But like I've shared and recorded on my Instagram, I wouldn't have traded the experience for anything else. It was an eye-opener to other marketeers and their work across Asia. It was also a new personal experience for me, where I connected with cultures and languages I have never been in contact with before.

I am quite proud of myself for organizing all my clients' work during the time I was away. And I think that was only possible because a structured framework and strategy are in place. That is how everything can follow the course and run its way. One of my client's completely new Facebook page has managed to achieve small but promising numbers. And as a content marketer, I see that as a win.

Clients who value my work the most are people who have been disappointed by big numbers. They understand that big numbers are good on reports, but they don't necessarily convert. It's an idea difficult to get across to certain brands. That's why my goal is to educate brands on this and make them realize that growth and rates are the true indicators of success. Those are the numbers that will ensure the longevity of a company. That's the objective of doing good content.

I have also been assessing my services constantly, hoping to achieve the best balance between what clients want and where my true value lies. And it's not easy. But getting these client testimonials have at least proven that I have achieved my brand mission, which is to help entrepreneurs create their content strategy and educate them on content distribution via social media and digital marketing channels.

On top of that, I have personally stopped all of the advertisements for JTCM. Because my organic content is capable of driving me quality leads. I see this as a milestone for me. It is proof to my clients that my method works. Indeed, it is a lot of work, but now I can allocate my budget elsewhere and still be confident that I can run the company perfectly well.

Now that Q1 is over, I am ready to kickstart my Q2 plan, which is all about differentiating myself with the education I can offer. I already have several initiatives lined up and new inquiries coming in, which I will reveal in the next Entrepreneur Log.

Last but not least, I am now covered on both Telum and Jessica Hong Kong with the help of my PR, Jane the PR. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my content marketing knowledge and insights, and I can't wait to achieve more soon.

For those who have missed the Slasher event hosted with theDesk in February, note that the on-demand webinar is now available on my website here. Unlike most websites, JTCM is constantly expanding and updated with news and information. So grow with me by tagging along, either by following me on social media, or feel free to schedule a free 30-minute diagnosis session with me to get all your questions on content marketing answered on the spot.

Until next time, stay healthy, and hope to connect with you soon!

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