Why is it absolutely important to be on LinkedIn (and have your professional profile there)

Updated: Feb 16

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing on the importance of Linkedin

Even if you're not someone like me, who is working on a freelance basis and is building her name as her own brand, you still want people to be able to find you. Particularly if they were initially only looking for the company you work for/ the skill you have/ the role you're in, and end up landing on your profile. Why?

i) It enhances the chances of building new personal relationships. Who knows what opportunities that may bring?

LinkedIn is also the perfect B2B platform. The platform has grown into a tool that not only headhunters find useful, but also for industry thought leaders, or those who would wish to become one. It fosters one-on-one conversation in a professional manner, and you can share things that feel too corporate for Instagram or Facebook. I find posting on Linkedin the most effective in building my name (and even driving actions and conversions!).

ii) Even if your profile is stolen and posted somewhere, they can't hide from the real you!

That is why it is so interesting for me to see my profile stolen with a stranger's face on top because it is still linked to my real account. Since I have created my professional profiles across different platforms, I don't worry about potential leads landing on the wrong pages. Even if they do, they will still end up contacting the real me. This is simply because those who steal can't possibly come up with more content than I have created, nor rank higher than me (both as text and as Google image search!). At the end of the day, I am confident that they will find the real me much easier.

So fake profiles, thank you for the free digital presence and traffic!

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