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The Entrepreneur Log #18 - September 2022 Review: Attracting valuable connections with content

Updated: May 31, 2023

The Entrepreneur Log #18 - September 2022 Review: Attracting valuable connections with content
The Entrepreneur Log #18 - September 2022 Review: Attracting valuable connections with content

I did a lot of talking this September. I left the comfort of my home office quite a handful of days this past month and experienced the 9-5 commute again. Only this time, not to get to a draining full-time job, but to exciting events where I got to meet like-minded individuals - all because of my content.

Those who read my last entry would know I've been changing up my content format across Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook. Though September's end-of-month report did not show a big difference in metrics compared to the month before, it has resulted in very different outcomes.

Highly relevant individuals and organizations were reaching out to me. Strangers recognized me at events because of my content. I received invitations to participate in different things because of my online presence. It was particularly intriguing to hear people say they always see me on their feed and know I have pivoted to offer mentorship and educational programs. They were all achieved organically.

But creating a strong content foundation is just the beginning. Audiences require constant nurturing. Here are some of the ways I have done so this past month:


1. Ask questions - Gain new perspective to expand your mindset

The Entrepreneur Log #18 - September 2022 Review: Ask questions
The Entrepreneur Log #18 - September 2022 Review: Ask questions

I'd be lying if I said I was a natural-born networker. I've come a long way (remember my first networking event as an entrepreneur?). Now, I'm pretty comfortable talking to people in an unfamiliar setting. My tip? Prepare several questions. So when you strike up a conversation with someone, you know there's always something relevant to talk about, and you're going to take home a new point of view.

For me, the two questions I've been asking everyone I've met in September are:

- What do you think the future holds for entrepreneurs in Hong Kong?

- Do you think entrepreneurs in Hong Kong can act and benefit as a bridge between the East and the West?

The answers I've received have been eye-opening. While those I have met at EntrepreneursHK's first meet-up are pessimistic about the future, with many considering relocating to Singapore, those I've met at Revive's Happy Hour are quite the opposite. Many of us agree it is difficult to cater to both Western (namely, the US) clients and align them with Eastern (namely, China) counterparts. Yet, many of us also think it will still be hard to diminish the importance of Hong Kong despite such difficult times. Many believe things will rebound. Clients who are fixated on immediate returns and short-term success should soon learn the importance of long-term growth. Some entrepreneurs even said they are confident that people who have left the city will ultimately return.

Hearing others say this is important for me. I have my doubts and feel unsure about the future. I get put off by leads who do not value the long-term gains from content marketing. But I can only do so much. Knowing that others value my work and believe things will take a turn soon helps me keep my faith and know that I am not alone.

2. Give feedback - Help others. on their entrepreneurial journey

The Entrepreneur Log #18 - September 2022 Review: Give feedback
The Entrepreneur Log #18 - September 2022 Review: Give feedback

I got a stranger's IG DM on a Wednesday, asking if I can judge at their event on Sunday. Skeptical at first, I questioned why. To my surprise, they realized the need for a marketing expert to be on the panel after seeing applicant submissions and saw me as the perfect fit.

I always wonder if I'm special enough, to label myself as a content marketer and an avid educator. Peers have told me not to overthink it, but I see all these Western content marketers doing great educational work already. So many people can teach people things. And yet, La Violet Charity seems to acknowledge my expertise more than myself.

It is my first time being a judge for an initiative like this. The 9th annual competition shortlists those with a dream to start their own business and serve a cause for the local community into their program to receive networking, mentorship, and marketing assistance.

I helped judge and provided immediate feedback to 10 contestants that day. Apart from feeling at home with the other two experienced judges, director Mandy Tam, also a principal; and director Diana Lee, the OG winner of this contest a decade ago, I was pleasantly surprised at the conversations I naturally started with the contestants that morning.

Hearing myself provide actionable feedback on the spot gave me confidence. But seeing contestants' faces light up as they ponder my suggestions was a reward in itself. I am grateful to be invited to participate in this event. Thank you Steven for reaching out.

3. Provide value - Educate others with your expertise

The Entrepreneur Log #18 - September 2022 Review: Provide value
The Entrepreneur Log #18 - September 2022 Review: Provide value

For me, this was a huge decision. I have always wanted to put off video production because I know the work it involves. Being an assistant producer before puts everything in perspective. It's not just about coming up with a topic to shoot, but the preparation of a script, equipment, cropping, and editing all come into play. Not to mention, writing up an SEO-friendly description and putting in trigger points for audiences to keep watching is a lot of work.

But I've decided to do it. Because strategically, I need to. While I have explored my other content distribution channels and understand the content that performs well and the reach I can organically attain, I need to reach more people. I also have other marketing plans that require me to utilize video formats. Hence, it all naturally points to Youtube.

My goal is to create one new video per week. My videos now all come with a free downloadable to provide more value. It takes me a lot of time to manage, which is why I have designated one day out of every week for this. It only marks the start, but there are already tiny wins worth celebrating:

Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Youtube Achievement
Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Youtube Achievement

At the same time, I have not ceased to outreach others to provide my knowledge on their platforms. My submission for Carol Roth's blog on "Small Business Marketing Tips in a Bad Economy" is featured this month. Though it's just a snippet (#144), it's fun to see my words appear on someone else's platform.

4. Offer guidance - Serve others and grow together

The Entrepreneur Log #18 - September 2022 Review: Offer guidance
The Entrepreneur Log #18 - September 2022 Review: Offer guidance

Last but not least, I'm starting to see my mission come to life. Two years ago, I thought I was just a content marketer. Simply being able to call me that was already a win for me. All I wanted to do was step away from the corporate culture and do something I love and believe in. Approaching the second anniversary of Joyce Tsang Content Marketing, my mentees have shown me that I have helped them explore their full potential with content. I can't wait to see where this journey brings me and how I make the same mission true for other clients, teams, and individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset.

I've never felt busier in my life. Yet, I've had times when I catered to many more clients than now. I suppose this is the stage of working on instead of working in your business. Though I did not manage to get the US opportunity I mentioned in my last entry, it does not erode my faith in content. As long as I stay consistent, learn from my experience, and refine my work, I believe the chance will come again.

I can't wait.

- Joyce


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